Never Pre-Judge the things or persons .

I have learnt this principle back in 2003 when first time went outside my country . I was going to United Kingdom . I was traveling through Turkmenistan Airline .we have a connected flight and we need to change the flight at Ashgabat .It is the first time I am boarding the flight so my brother has gone with me to drop me at the Amritsar airport . Amritsar airport is been built out the Holy City of Amritsar .Amritsar is a city established by Sikh Guru RamdasJi . It is having famous Golden temple and Durgayana Mandir .

I always enjoy company of my brother. I love to hang out .We both used to drink and smoked together many time . He is buddy to me always as big B . We have a good understanding on several issues . Before flight we had drink together. He gave me quarter of the whisky bottle .and said “ Chotey, isey sath le ja “.(younger brother take it with you ) . Suddenly,I found a tap on my shoulder when I turned around I found a 6 and half feet old Gentlemen standing .He asked me do you got the lighter i am short of whisky do you mind to share your whisky with me . I opened the remaining whisky in to three pegs and said cheers to each others .He was too much drunk when he left us  .He told us that he was also going to London. He had to board the  same flight. My brother said ,”Vicky , You need to take care of that old man ,He had drunk too much “. I was too casual and said,”We don’t know him ,why i should bother about him .I don’t know where he will go to sit in the plane”. My brother being more experienced said,” No. look Vicky ,I have some strange feeling that that person will help you out someway .”

When we board the flight he was siting just two seat behind me .Occasionally he was looking at me. I was not comfortable. When we reach Ashgabat .it was snowing and we have to go out from the plan from stairs and below there was bus that we have board. Which would be taking us to the transit area .The weather is cold and chilly. Beautiful buildings with round Doms were visible from desk of staircase. The tall gentlemen was just behind me .as we were step down to the stairs . After two or three step he lost his control. he has drank to much in the airplane as well . I manage to catch him from his coat despite of the small suitcase was with me in my hand .And help him to get down from the stairs and help him to move in to the transit area.

When again had to board the next connected flight. .Airlines issued new boarding passes to us . I look for him but I couldn’t find him . I was bit concerned but I feel relieved when I I saw him . He was sitting to the front seat in the transit bus when I boarded the bus. He was sitting in next backward compartment of the Airplane . I feel that how can people like him have no control on themselves. May be he is having some family kids or wife. if he would had been toppled all the way down from airplane stair and if he had been died . What will be the effect on them . I don’t know why but I was just making some stories about him . Plane landed in Heathrow airport at around 6 or 630 Pm . It was about to dark .I had some endorsed pounds on my passport and I had some traveler cheque with me . I feel very awkward. I have three day hotel booking in hotel. but I don’t have any booking for to night .i was confident that I have lots of relative in Southall and I collected all the pone numbers from all the possible social connection . that in case I got some trouble I may be able to get some help . I had spent around one and half hour making countless call to all the numbers that I have with me .I also made back calls to my home in India and got some additional phone numbers .results were the   same . But most the number either they pick the phone. And when I start conversation, hello I am Rajnish from Hoshiarpur …… the next moment phone line disconnected on the other end . I was so sad. and literally in tears . I was thinking that I had landed in some alien planet. I have feel a lot of fear at that moment, I don’t why .But that happen . This was one of my most fearful moment of the life . Night were getting more dark . I dragged my trolley with my bag and suitcase to outside the airport . . It was drizzling outside .Sky was cloudy .I was thinking that ,as god was also crying for me . I have no idea  where to go I had already spend more than 200 pound on making the phone calls .I don’t know that I can buy a calling card .

Suddenly I feel the tap on my should .When,I turned around I found the tall gentleman is standing at my back . he asked me,”Haan paii kar laeyaan callan sareya nu. Kis ney haath pallh phadaya ke nahi” .,(have you made all the possible calls to your friends and relatives . Did someone responded to you  ). I said yes I did made calls, but nobody has responded to me .I don’t have any place to go . I have the hotel booking started from tomorrow. He said You can come with me and stay for tonight with me at my home. I don’t have any option. So I decided to go for it . But inside my mind I was afraid to go with him .He signed stop hand to a taxi CAB . I boarded the taxi with him .i have all the horror stories going on my mind .if he will kill me .if he take all the money I have. Meanwhile I saw Cab Driver has made ablink of eye to him. .I got further frightened, what is all this. He gave the address to the cab driver. .When the taxi stopped after 30 mins .I found in front of a home. During the ride to his home He had made a couple of calls to some one .As we reach the front door get opened and I found a little girl around age of 10 was just running down towards him .She gave a hug to him and said, Dad, I miss you .Who is this man with you. He told he is one who saved your papa for you. Then home lady appeared. I couldn’t believe this sudden miracle will happen to me. I was just cursing myself for imagining the all the evil stories and bad things about tall gentleman. But he is just appeared to be an angel for me. Name of her daughter was,”Gloria”.  I remember his hospitality and gratitude .When I was blessed with my second girl I named her Gloria.

We come across lots of people or situation, and we think in advance that what will be the person or what will be the outcome. We are constantly drive ourselves with our myths and believes. But my life taught me “Never Pre-Judge the things and persons”


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