Change your words to change the world ,in and around you…..

I want to share you my thoughts and insight on the power of words. This is most effective and most powerful weapon and tool ,that mankind has ever discovered . It enable you to share the thoughts and your observance and how you predict the things .Plain words when sitting in the dictionary are so much calm and dead than whole graveyards of the world. Word become live ,full of emotions and energetic when one attach emotions and action to it when conveying the words to others. I have one of my favorite songs by band Boyzone .It is having beautiful lyrics goes like this

Smile, an everlasting smile , A smile can bring you near to me. Don’t ever let me find you gone

Cause that would bring a tear to me

This world has lost it’s glory. Lets start a brand new story, Now , my love.

You think, that I don’t even mean, A single word I sayyyyyy…

It’s only words .And words are all I have, To take your heart awayyyyyyy

Da da daraara da da… dadraara ……

Through words one can move the masses and achieve big changes in the societies . History has witness number of times the leader are not extra ordinary , they are made of same flesh and bone they are having same 24 hours .they are also eating the stuff from lands of mother earth .They are not super human ,eating secret stuff or having extra hours to work . what is the difference between them and us . They know how to utilise the power of word in right time at right place with right energy and emotions. They motivate the crowds to fight for their rights , they push the invaders out of their motherland ,they freed their countrymen from the slavery of the others nations. Single man is handling the country by power of mouth .he does not know every things .But he know how to get the things done by the power of words.

Words are the medium of conveying the information from one generation toother , from one innovation to others and from history to future . Best manager are not trained to do the things but to get the things done by others and how to communicate the management expectations to the craft or working hands.

it is an establishing fact that that words are only 7 % part of the communication that a receiver get .Rest all are conveyed by the nonverbal communication by gestures , body language and expressions.

Our mind does not recognise the words or phrases .It only recognise the patterns .Like computer only understand 0 and 1 .Similarly the 0 1 pulse and pattern are created in the mind of the person when we listen or observe something around us .The our mind compare those signals or triggers with already stored information in our neuron cell .i am not doctor .i am a mechanical engineer. I know only one thing that everything is energy. when we spoke out the words .it create a pulse /vibration /sound and our ear capture that sound and our brain after comparison with its various comparators converted this raw date to useful information .

I will share you small secret to be happy when you sad or at the time of loneliness, sadness .Just write a few lines for you . Like Just enlist 5 things that makes you happy . What are your greatest achievement in your life .Enlist best 5 moments of life that you enjoyed the  most and then utter them aloud. It flow a wave of positive-ness in your brain .And your brain release a chemical called Dopamine .It is  a neurotransmitter which helps to  control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers.It regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them .Believe me , we become more realistic and feeling of sadness replaced by happiness .I have personally experience it . We can change our self by selecting and changing the words .Just read this sentence “ I have firm believe that I can change my world by changing my words.” . We should learn art of speaking less  with profound words .It makes a huge difference in yourself and your respondents.

Advertising companies knows this fact .Just for example when you saw advertisements or if you listen a radio advertisement zinggle for 30 second daily .It will build and create an image of the company in your subconscious mind. When you go to market with your kids or alone .You will prefer the product of the company that is known to you by the power of Mouth of your friend or power of the media campaigns.

We spoke approximately 130 words per minute on an average. If a teacher or preacher talk about 30 minutes .He will be using approximately 2500 words some of them are repeated words .But at the end of the talk it is only a couple of words that our mind capture .Why this happen ? . in class of 40 pupils each one will be capturing different aspect of the teaches speech .when you check each one will be having different kind of notes Three are number of reason for that .But the most important is .Orator has not delivered the words to them in the manner they are being written in the speech or planned in the lecture.

If you want to success in your life you have to understand the dynamics of the words . Tongue is not having any bones, but if,  it utter something wrong ,It may cause breaking of  your bones .It can crown you to the top of the world or can crush you and can throw you in the ocean of the death .So you need to choose the words intelligently and use them at right time at right spot .Last but not least just a reminder ,words can be sometimes act as double edged sword. So use them with cautious .


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