More Decisive You :3: How to get more out of your question?

We learn as we grow in life, we learn a lot of things by observing and by experiencing , experimenting studying and most by asking questions.

The interrogative pronouns who, what, whom, whose, which and the interrogative adverbs where, when, why and how are used to frame information questions .So ,Why some people gather more information or more response from others?

When somebody asks someone,” Why you ask such a question?” , the other fellow either enquiring or gathering more information about an aspect . Although, the response one get depends on various external factors , Yet if one precisely formulate the structure of the question ,he will get better information.

No doubt about that no question is a silly questions but i am sure that vague questions leads to vague answers .You need to know , why are you asking question ? You should be clearer about you problem or issue .You need to define your purpose and clearly and precisely formulate a question to guide your thinking. In order to do you need to ask a fewer questions from you,

  • Is this question clear?
  • Am I clear about my issue or problem?
  • What is the purpose of asking this question? (Seek help from your mind Hi Mr Mind ,what will be the purpose if I ask you this question )
  • Are there other ways to express the question?(Seek help from your mind Hi Mr Mind ,What can be other ways to frame the query , and write down as much as question statements , don’t qualify the quality of question )
  • What can be other way to ask the question without changing the intent?
  • Are there any sub questions that should also be asked and answered to properly address the main question?
  • What are sub questions? Did a write down the question? (Don’t qualify the question is that reasonable or not , if your mind come to say anything Just say ,thank you Mr Mind , I will get help from you after )
  • Am I giving enough information what I seek? (Ask, Do I have provided as much as information as have with me ? , Did I hide anything? Did some of the crucial information missing? )
  • Narrow down the stream of questions to more meaningful and open ended questions . (Call Mr Mind to put logic behind each of the question )
  • You will need to be extra careful when analyzing non-definitive questions when you are funneling down or narrow down to the final list of questions, sometimes questions are more vulnerable to prejudice, preconception, notion, and bias.
  • When you asking questions summarize what you think the other person has said in your own words and noted down the thing that you are still not clear out ,once the person has stopped you telling you can ask the connected question or your can put your concern and your own point.
  • Don’t stop another person who is telling you anything, if you cut in middle. You will stopped his or her thinking or thought process , and 99% chances are that he or she won’t be able to recall same sort of thought again once the stream of communication is changed .

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