Magic in You series :16: Fill your tyre with nitrogen and have laser desires

I was going last week from Gladstone to Melbourne .When I reached at airport .I found the airport was not open. Every problem comes with solution and every bad timing gives you another opportunity to learn .It was Sunday and that given me chance to meet a wonderful person of my worksite . We chat for long more than 2 hour .He is one of the senior manager in the company where I worked . I learn a lot from him during our  communication. Around 0630 AM airport was unlocked by the security .I went to the self assisted boarding pass machines. I printed out my boarding pass. As I board Qantas flight .I had assigned window seat .when I saw outside .I saw on tire column it was written ,”Only Nitrogen filling”.

Although I know there are lots of usage of nitrogen in industry, to be honest, yet , I was not aware of fact that airplane wheels  filled with nitrogen. Also in our construction site we use Nitrogen for purging the pipelines . Nitrogen doesn’t form a liquid till -173C and pure nitrogen has almost no moisture. As the temperature in the flying zone is cold if we fill the wheels with air , Because Air has moisture and it can cause formation of ice inside the rubber tyre ,it may cause busted out on landing . Air is also having oxygen ,which is inflammable.

You need to do the same in your life .you need to purge inflammable sources out of your memory . the trigger that can cause your anger you need to purge them out with calmness . Most of the decision we take in anger are wrong. Most of words we spoke out in fist are derogatory or can damage your image .Some time it just act a oil in fire. It is like that you can’t take back the arrows from a bow. Words once spoke out never went back to mouth . Words and sentences are your creation of your thoughts. You should be tough enough just like rubber of the airplane. This can take the load of the entire plane .it take the maximum heat on landing. Still Nitrogen keeps cool form inside.

Most of people said you need burning desire to excel in life .In my opinion your desire should be intense and focused but not burning . It should be just like Laser beam ,the laser beam itself is not made of matter but of ‘photons’, the so-called ‘light particles’ which have no mass, i.e. that a laser beam can have no temperature. A laser beam travelling through air isn’t hot. Heat is the random motion of matter particles (atomic or molecular particles) – however, Heat is caused by the dissipation of the energy in the beam when it hits an object

God has given each one of us chargeable batteries in our brain . Believe me or not but you can’t have additional batteries which perfectly fit in your brain. You have the energy cells in your mind and no kid has come to earth with spare batteries . All we need to charge our neurons and then focus your all energy and channelize towards your motive. This methods is very truly practice why ancient Yogis and monks of Himalaya the keep their bodies warm. It our mind it is as proven research if you concentrate apportion of our palm and just focused and tell your mind it is warm .after a couple of days you can feel warmness on that portion

Like laser beam is usually not visible but during propagation when there are dust particle on its ways a part of it is just scattered. But I out real life our focused is scatter to many times and by the time it reaches at the destination it completely lessen its intensity.

So for achieving you maximum out of your life you need to Fill your tyre with nitrogen …and you need to create your laser desires.


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