Great Marathons starts with first step…

I was working with Ministry of Micro and medium enterprises in Ludhiana , We were living in BRS Nagar ,in Ludhiana .We were living in rented accommodation on first floor. We had a small balcony and having two small bedroom with one long living room.

It was birthday of my daughter in 2008, when I brought my daughter a pair of small size skates to her . She is just turned four years . She look at them with  surprise ,It is a new thing for her .She was revolving the roller-skate tires with her small hands , and ,ask ,Me papa what is this ? My wife had become concerned ,You will make my child to break her ankle or bone , She is too small for this . I said no problem she can first skate inside rooms  or in balcony. I said,” if she can’t try she can’t learn at all .I will make sure that I will hold her hand whenever I will teach her how to skates”.

Angelina was very happy to get the gift . She ask me What are they and ?.. I told them these are skates and you can ride them and .when you ride them you will feel like running in air . She ask How to ride them ?i was telling her ,”It will help you to grow fast . But make sure when you will ride them I must accompany you”. She say ,”Ok .Should we start now” .I ask her to brought the shoes .She was having black and white school shoes . she brought her black bally i said no if you wear black one then strap the skates may hurt you. So go and get your white canvas shoes. Meanwhile I tried to size up the adjustable roller skates matching to her size and I found the straps needed an additional hole so that it can adjust on her foot . I use a nail and make an additional hole in the strap . I told her to have to wear full sleeve and full length lower .She got her cloths changed from her mother .I tied her shoes and adjusts the roller-skate to her foot size and he is now ready to skate . I held her hand and let her stand with the aid of balcony wall .She said papa just leave me ,I won’t fall ,If ,I am about to fall ,I can catch balcony wall . I can walk myself along with balcony wall. I warn her that you will fall .She said with little smile , I know you will catch me If I will fall. As I left she is about to slip because full floor of the house is tiled . I caught her from her wrist . Then I say just lift one step and move ahead and concentrate on front. After few steps she feel bored and told papa I am not feeling like floating in air .Next time when she tries by her own she fall. She got some hurt on her ankle . She started crying . I told her don’t worry ,You only rise once you fall and now you have rise . However, if you quit, and if you don’t able to walk then how you will learn to run .I told her this is your first day . Once you practice .One day you will ride by your own . It took her two years to stand properly when we moved to Pathankot . She learn how to slowly run .She practice in school and been taught how to learn to skates properly .

After 6 years when she participated in interschool District level roller-skates completion, She won Bronze Medal and next year she won Gold Medal. Last year, I was not in home ,I was in Australia to work assignment ,though my wife brought her inline skates .She didn’t practice and she won’t secured a place . She was saying papa why she didn’t I get medal this time. I told her, look completion is completion one who perform well , he or she usually won .May be this time your competitors practiced more than you also you have now more loads of study and you have to spend some time with your younger sister .You are helping Gloria to study and completing her homework. . But there is one thing, if you are not practicing somewhere your competitor is still practicing .Best way to compete is compete with you . Improve your timing and just enjoy the things that you are doing .I can understand now load of education is also increased. I am happy that you participated that and accepted your defeat that is more important to me ..

She is too young but learning and improving .But most of us forget this thing it is deeply buried in our brain .This is now new this is within you . You know how to start and move with baby steps. If you want to develop any Habit . The first thing is to move and take action Like I had my decision to improve on my written skills .I Love to share my things I was keep thinking this long back since the first time I touch the computer back in 1993 . When we had the big Floppies 3.2 inch .We do have lotus 123 and FORTAN /Foxpro learning language . But I afraid to write online. The most fearful was that How people think about me and my material , next thing is English is my second language , do I will be able to put the things in order . I started learning a b c in class sixth .   I took this as challenge and make commitment to me that I will write at least 50 blogs till my Birthday i.e by 13/12/2015 .


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