Next TARGET 9/11: Kill the Mosquitoes in Your life: Part VII :Epilogue–Real Mosquitoes

After a couple of days I found email from HR executive of Angola LNG project HR team ….

Dear Rajnish

My name is vvvvv, and I am with zzzzz in the Angola LNG project HR team. I am working on the documentation for Work Visa application, and I am about to start working on your application. To get started, I need a copy of your passport bio page for the request of an LOI (Letter Of Intent). Your passport should have 20+ months validity. Kindly send me the copy the soonest you can.

Thank you.

Best regards,

When I saw my passport it does not have the requisite 20+ Month validity. So I sent her mail that I don’t have 20+ months validity on my passport. I had contacted Indian consulate in Melbourne they told me it will take minimum 8 weeks to renew my passport and during that period I can’t move out of the country as I have to submit the original to consulate .I try to haveconvinced to Huston guy that, if I be given chance I can go to India and I can be able to make within couple of weeks. But I haven’t heard anything from Angola LNG project. But I got mail back from my Huston assigned executive


Unfortunately the Angola Project has come back to me and asked to cancel the transfer paperwork. They believe the visa process to get you on project will take too long, and by the time you get to site the need will have gone.

Sorry for the bad news.We will continue to look for other assignments.

Best Regards

That end my first hope to be landed into the project in Angola .But this gave me time to explore the world of mosquitoes and I am in position to share with you all

Just to conclude this part of series about real mosquitoes ….Every end is a new beginning and I am beginning of another part of this series about human mosquitoes in your life as Mosquitoes in Your life…

It is good you are alive and enjoying the life but there are millions of people who are still under  constant threats of malaria. You can be agent of making people aware of this beast. I have devoted this to every child who became a victim of this horrific mini flying  bio injection machine ,in every five minutes. You need to be more aware about your surroundings and help in eradicating , if not than at least controlling the biggest monster of planet of apes “Malaria “. We need to create awareness among all…


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