What if…

What If .. What if is the common explanation and reason given by the people in the event of some mishap /failure? People love to live in their own fantasy world. They have preconceived perceptions, faiths and believes. They don’t want to change these frequently . And if someone want to challenge those believes they start arguing and justifying their believes, because this is what they have learnt from their own observations and learning. .Most of us think after any event took place and the results are not as per our expectations. We start thinking, what if ,I haven’t invested in ..…. What if , I married to …..…what if I ask the question …….Which gives us great grief or feeling of sadness.

We need to understand that we can’t change the past, but surely we can shape our better future by taking good steps and actions today. When I was overweight , I used to think , What if I had started eating healthy two years before ? What if, I had started taking gym regularly? What if ,I won’t be smoking and quitted from last couple of months? What if, I spend quality time with the ones to whom I love dearly? I would have planned the things more in order? .Than I gave a peep talk to me Raj ,Can you able to change those things now ? I got my answer back, “No ,Raj , you can’t” .Then , I ask again ,What should I do next ? The answer come , What if , you start form today spend at least 30 mins in gym or walk around the camp .

I have my belief the mothers and fathers of all the people of the world are same . They love you . They sacrifice their life in upbringing you , Most of us leave them when we grow as adults ,because they did the same .They left their parent   because your parent want to care you better .They want to spend more time in growing you .But we as a child ,we gave them simple explanation ,”You are not the only one who is caring their kids .You are not doing anything extra as every parents do the same things for the their kids”. We realize this thing when we grow up in our life and found our kids are moving away from us because of education, career option marriage .what if they spend more time with us. We have expectations from others .But we forget our duties which we have to perform. You can change the world by changing you .As per my opinion what if the What if id one of the powerful toll for the change in the society .Just Think a few point of what if , this is not complete list it can be countless things where you can apply this concept to improve the things in and around you to make this world a greater place to live .

  • What if, I do not spread the rumors and not involve myself in gossiping?
  • What if, I regularly improving myself by making simple targets on daily bases ?.
  • What if, I visit Temple Church Gurudwara Mosque or religious place to meditate ?
  • What if, I donate 1 dollar per day for the charity?
  • What if, I reduce one cigarette a day ?
  • What if, I do one extra Push up or one extra minute of running and increasing 1 everyday ?.
  • What if, I spend 1 extra minute to read my mail again before sending to someone to put myself in the place of the receiver who will receive my mail.
  • What if, I say good morning and say at least once in day to my spouse,” I love you darling , You’re the best gift I got from the God”.
  • What if, I clean my Mail box ,Desk and Elmira once in a week ?
  • What if, I check how much I am spending on the things on bulk buying the things which are not needed in next one month?
  • What if, I reduce 30 minutes of watching TV and spend some time with my kids and wife ?
  • What if, in the morning I get up at least 5 minutes earlier?
  • What if, I reach the Airport 10 minutes earlier ?
  • What if, I spend 10 minutes before my sleep to plan out the things for the next day ?
  • What if, I reduced one tea spoon of sugar in a day ?
  • What if, I make small target for self-improvement ?
  • What if, I plan a activity that gave you exercise between left brain and right brain ?
  • What if, I visit an Old age home or orphan age home once in a month and talk to them?
  • What if, I plan for the top three things wanted to complete during the day ?
  • What if, I do something which will help the people around me to make their day work better ?
  • What if, I put a pot on top of my roof or in garden with water in hot summer for the birds ?
  • What if, I plant at least few plants in the shared community part or in back yard of my house ?
  • What if, I cut my cable TV and purchase the some family games and do activity involving the family ?
  • What if, I cut grass for my next door or neighboring elderly couple ?
  • What if, I put the garbage in the designated bins?
  • What if, I won’t spit / urinate on the open space?
  • What if, I brought a paint box and paint a chair / Kids Ride in the community park ?
  • What if, I write a letter to president or prime minister for the change I require?
  • What if, you go to Hospital and distribute hot tea and bread ?
  • What if, I donate blood once in three months?
  • What if, I gave pizza delivery person a glass of water?
  • What if, I save all the change / coins in one saving container ?
  • What if, I give Wife and kids surprise outing trip or surprise gift ?
  • What if, I recognize the people by simply saying “Thank you “?
  • What if, I a spend a few minutes with the subordinate to know and understand what is his/ her work and try to understand do he/she facing some problem by walking to his /her desk .

What if, I write another blog …… to share my thoughts with you . Although, I can keep on writing the “what if’s ?” for days ,Yet ,I know you are the best and know you better than anyone know you .So I am leaving with you to plan you Positive what If .I welcome you to share your what ifs with the readers of my blog to change us .and eventually world for a greater place to be .


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