Home YOUR Home Series :1: Action is the first step to buy a home

Food, shelter is the basic need of any human being. We are now living in the civilised society .We born in to a family .We raised by our parents with our siblings .after one grown up he or she start his or her own family .This cycle goes on and on , and so is the need of house is increasing with food .Every one want live in his or her house . But you need to start at some point of time. There are solid financial reasons to support one’s decision to buy a home, and, among these, equity build up, value appreciation, and tax benefits We have so many fears and myths which held our mind to make a decision to buy a home or piece of land.

Home is one of the major investment decisions one can make in his or her life. The first step is to dream about the home and making decision to buy a home .Although each one of us, there are many personal reasons to buy a property .

It not only give the shelter and save the cost of rent but also acts as a tool for wealth building .Although if you are living in home it does not have substantial immediate economic value yet Buying Home ranks among the top of the list.

Most of the people when making a home buying decision are an accidental investment.

We all know the value of owning a home it lays the foundation for a life of financial security and personal choice.

EVERY DAY IS DAY OF INVESTMENT, no day is bad or good ,The day you make the decision believe me the price you bought is the best price .

THERE ARE SOMEONE WHO FEEL HAPPY ABOUT YOU BUT MOST OF THEM ARE JEALOUS, it is fact your parents kids will be the most happiest person when you buy a property ,but believe me every other will be jealous of you .

I DON’T HAVE MONEY IS JUST EXCUSE, plenty of money lenders and financial institutions are there to support you if you have substantial income source of have a sound financial plan to pay your debts .

MARKET IS LOW MARKET IS VERY HARD, There is never a wrong time to buy the right home. The best time is he time when you decide and approach the back.

THIS HOME IS NOT MY DREAMHOME, First home is just a start , it gave you immediate start to look for another . it is likely that the first house may not be your dream home but .over the period of the investment will reap you some profit

I CANT AFFORD IT, it is another excuse believe me, If you are paying rent, you very likely can afford to buy. All you need to use your creative thinking. You need to stretch out your imagination to source out the funds. List out five sources from where you can have the long terms loans

I DON’T HAVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT PROPERTY MATTERS, Buying a home doesn’t have to be complicated – there are many professionals who will help you along the way , The best way is to search the agents in your dream area


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