Magic in You Series : 7: Know Your invisible wings for flying….

I as grow in my life I have constant question in my mind. We often travel by road trail or by tracks when we here going from one place to others .We human learn by observing to follow the paths. That someone one else has created .We have faith that road . Roads tracks or trails does not bear any name who has built how it was built, Who has the person to walk through that road .We walk we run we drive on the worlds various routes to reach to destination. But do we ever find a trail in the sky when a bird fly ? It takes its own flight and decides when to fly for food .and when fly for amusement and pleasure. You can’t see the difference between thesetwo most of the time. .

Like every bird is born to fly , we are also have fundamental right to learn and excel . They are born to fly , you are also born to be unique and different . You have various inviable feathers in your wings to success. They are in your disposal once you gave command to your mind .Most of the time we don’t give command to our mind. We can recall courage, determination, firm resolve dedication. It is not only positive qualities that you lead you to your destination .but you need sometime fear ego ,jealously and .People say ego /fear and jealousy are bad things .I found these are one of the main drivers of us.

Compassion, faith and believes are some of the others feathers that constitute a good part of your invisible flying wings. It is good to be kind to others but you should kind to you than to the world. You must have faith and believe in something, It may be your family ,your God , your goals .when you have a faith you rarely have doubt on it .Like You hardly question the God and religion .

Dreams and Goals are just only empty words and just light feather. if are not associated with actions towards them .we need to attached time schedule with our goals .we need to layout the steps and action plan towards the desired outcome.

I am just ordinary person like you. You need to keep your goals simple and straight. I have simple advice, “Do whatever you good at “. Practice that to the best like no one ever done or perform that thing. Success is not a definition or commodity that you can learn or buy from outer world. It lies within you .it lies in the choices you make in your life .it depends on whether to fly or to crawl in the life . It depends upon to create your own path or to Fly on your terms with unlimited boundaries


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