Thy Governors :Part 5: Yours truly Religious Governors

This is one of the topic that I felt more strong and weak as well .when I to have talk of ,because it is the life line of the faith of all the civilizations  from ages .and whosoever want to challenge the rules, face the critics and humiliation even the God get suffer to say the truth .

You are free to choose to be or not to agree to my point , I need your humble opinion if you find this derogatory or hurting the sentiments .

There are religious sculptured figures from sheer hypocrisy, consciously trading on their spiritual shop or channel  rating—these may deceive the world without blindfolding their own eyes for a moment. They govern us .History of mankind has witness several riot sand wars due to religion . I can’t blame the religion or faith .it happen due the its wrong followers and the wrong interpretation of the religious leaders .i am not blaming any single religion or faith because I haven’t saw a single religion or read about who told one to kill humanity. It is the interpreters at that time of history who led the masse and govern them to run their business to fulfill their short term goals.

Some people use religion for war, violence, and terrorism to promote their selfish motives ,They make the masses to believe that these are religious goals, Religious leaders contribute to secular wars and terrorism by endorsing or supporting the violence, and Religious fervor is exploited by secular leaders to support war and terrorism. Religion, to be really worthwhile, should, by their living, fill men’s hearts with love, truth, right, justice, sweetness, honesty, faith, charity, trust and peace.

Great Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen adds that political leaders frequently use religious differences to initiate or perpetuate violence.

If I had been born in Pakistan instead of the india, I have little doubt that I would be a Muslim today. But to the core of the base I remain human .Physically i will remained the same the two eyes two ears two legs two hands nut my mind learn the lesson that were taught to me in the land where I born. And if I grew up in a predominantly Catholic, Christian , Jewish or Buddhist culture, I have little doubt that I would’ve emerged as one of those. As a Hindu, I found this fact a little unsettling. My geography seemed to have more to do with my religion than any kind of free will choice. The obvious problem with this is that if only one religion leads to heaven, then the odds of us finding that religion are greatly diminished when God places us into a “deceived” culture. God is effectively blocking us from salvation, He is saying, “I don’t want you in heaven, so I’m placing you over here.”

IN my opinion, faith is a choice for the individual — all parents can really do is educate their children as best they can, and really teach them to be open minded and tolerant of other religions. When the child’s ready to make a decision, they will. The hard part will be for mom and dad to accept it if its something they do not like/agree with .Religion is a very personal choice. therefore neither you nor your parent should try and push a religion onto your child. however, educating them about not only yours and his but multiple religions would probably be most beneficial. Educating and teaching them to make choices as an individual is a part of parenting even if their choices are not in your favor. Accepting their choices is part of your challenge especially when you want whats best for them.(what you think is best may not be) a religion should be chosen when a person is mature enough to comprehend its meaning.

Probably the biggest influence that religion has on everyday life is that the laws and the social customs that exist in society are almost all based on religious teachings. While it could be argued that similar laws would be made by a society that had no god the fact remains that the laws as they exist are mostly an extension of religion. These laws form the basis of society as we know it so religion has had a massive impact on the world as we know it. Since these laws govern almost all of your daily behavior you are being influenced by religion in almost everything that you do.



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