More Decisive You :2: How to understand the situation


When I was in class eight and live in Kullu . I learn taekwondo for three months .I usually got up and walk for two kilometer to reach the practice ground at lower Dhalpur primary school ground . I with my one of my friend used to go to the training sessions .Our trainer told us to count like hich , ni , sang , shee , go , rukh ,sish ,hachi ,Que .It is just strange language for us . He told us it is Japanese language .if you need to learn taekwondo you need to practice the move with these sound. It is good exercise of control of breath. He always insisted that attacking is the best move for defense. Don’t let your opponent to think .Before he even blink just start kicking and it is good to have good capacity to get hit and keeps moving on . You should not be scared of kicking .At the same time you must analyses the situation .

Our trainers told us to watch how your opponent moves his legs and how he moves his eyes. Just watch closely his face and observe the little change in the expression and when he is about to hit you, you will find his expression will become more intense. He told us don’t be bothered about punch or kick , because once you entered in the ring you won’t be welcome by flowers but just be more aware of expression of your opponent .I was not be able to continue the training to get the black belt .I was still yellow belt . But this lesson helpedme out when after five years I started karatetraining in Agra . I knock down one of the senior green belt player while I was white belt in one of trainingmatch. I still have trust on my UPJAPUSGI kick and basic move of self-defense that I learned in taekwondo training .

Once you are in a decision making phase. First thing you need to know what is the situation, I will share some of my tips ,it may not be exhaustive but I am assure you that it will help you to a greater holistic view of the issue or problem in your hand .all you need a blank paper and pen .

In the center write down the problem and encircle it. Draw separate lines just like spikes coming out of the circles and write down triggers, existing information , personal view , hero’s view , global view , other view , history of events and write down point wise the information in each head ,you may need do the following things .

  • Write down the problem, it is old saying ,”When you write the problem half it is get solved .”
  • Write again the problem in some other way.
  • Repeat the process of writing and pen down the issue that you have to resolute.
  • If your father see this situation what will be his view point of see the situation.
  • Get as much as version you can get of the situation and write them down.
  • Read each of the problem statement , find out what is common element among all ?
  • What is the portion that carry out 70 to 80 % of the issue ,if that is nailed down the problem will become less than half and ink it on the paper .
  • Is this the only way to looking to the things? Are there another ways to look in to the things or issue? What people in common think about if they come across the same situation
  • What is my point of view or my first observation about the things and write that down
  • Discuss the things with your colleagues or subordinates (if professional decisions) , with your kids wife or parents (if personal decisions ) or to the experts or put a query in online forum (other or financial decision )
  • You may need to see what are the background of the problem or issue ?
  • Everyone has some hero or ideal of life , just ask from yourself what will be view of my hero about the thing if he will be in your shoes and ho he observe the situation
  • Is there and already global facts or figures available ( organizational problems ), of do I or my family has ever encounter same situation earlier ? if yes how this problem now different from other time ?
  • What are the triggers that made this situation to arise?
  • Is there any concepts, ideas, and theories that need to be applied to your thinking to properly understand the problem?
  • How to validate the concepts theories or ideas ?

You are the one who is making decision and if you are not clear about what is the problem and what is the purpose of it you won’t be able to hit the bull’s eye . Questioning is base of getting the information. In the next I will put some material to find out the clear picture about how to ask question and how to find out the purpose of questioning. How to get maximum information out of your questioning?

Never assume that the problem is your inability to comprehend. Chances are the problem just hasn’t been explained properly or clearly so to make it more meaningful, it is your responsibility to make it more clear to you


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