Letter to Me


“Both of us don’t need each other’s credentials that we are great souls that ever lived on this earth.”

Hi I am writing this letter is to learn and get some of best tips and tricks on public speaking and about motivation industry from one of the pioneer … in my chosen and passionate field

My name is Rajnish Kajla. I born in beautiful motherland India though wonderful parent one ever have in this world .I am 40 year old man .I am mechanical Engineer by profession .I am married to most beautiful lady and blessed with God’s best fairies Angelina and Gloria as daughters. I am Hindu/Sikh by family religion. Although I am not religious yet I am spiritual in nature. I am presently working in Australia with Best American Engineering and Procurement Company of the world despite of l am last in my entire batch of engineering 1996. At our Job site around 4000 workers work and project is One of the world Mega Project of LNG. I am just sending you this mail to challenge myself to be the Best in the talking industry

I have strong urge to share my small story along with my vision and mission with you .

I was smoking from 1992 till 2 June 2015.I had quitted for 6 years from 2003 to 2009.After loss of my boy kid in delivery I start smoking again. On 2 June2015 I just decided that i need to live and inspire the world and I have to live to my words. Because I need to be true to myself .i haven’t taken any medicines or substitute .It was very hard to resist during very first week .i have small talk to me that I have not seen great leaders who smokes. So please get rid of this habit .You have to live longer to enjoy the  earned wealth and family life . it shows my commitment to me .and if you are not  committed to you . You can’t be committed to someone else. Nobody knows me better than i did and nobody makes me to stop this habit unless i wanted .it is simple . Then I apply simple strategy that I won’t smoke for next hour . I never said to me that I am going to quit I just say I won’t smoke for an hour as my fairies Angelina Gloria , my elderly parent and beautiful wife just stand next to me .As i never smoke in front of them .then hours will turned to days and days will turn to weeks and weeks turned to months . and believe me after one month I don’t feel like smoking .Now Believe me my mind has not even have a small urge to smoke. This was wonderful moment .But I waited for 10day to inform my wife that I have quit to smoke . She was happy as well as sad .Reason is she is happy that I have quitted and sad because I had hide this from her last 6 years . I share this story with my workmates .My story was published in my company’s newsletter in Aug 2015.

My Vision


“My vision is to be an honest, Compassionate and Demonstrative leader and to be recognized internationally who can motivate the people to deliver their best and help them to attain their goals. I am committed to growing as a leader and delivering value-added talks and foster one’s true capabilities.”‘

My Mission

“My mission is to create and lead a dream team where everyone is playing to their strengths. My mission is to start Non Governmental Organization NUVYUG and transform youth in to impactful leaders within one year from now 20/07/2015”




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