Do you know ,who I am ?

I was assigned job to monitor the activities , near Chakki Bank Railway Station , for illegal parcel passers to stop the sale tax evasion. Because the good were transported from Delhi to various cities . Most of the goods were not covered by any of the transaction papers or invoices. I usually park my motor cycle at one of the near by hotel and I start patrolling posing that I was just doing morning walk .Sometime early at 4 in the morning sometime late around 6 Most of transaction was done in cash when local traders go to Delhi for purchase . They book the parcel in railway thus avoiding the interstate and intra state road tax barriers and information collection centers .Traders use this technique to avoid the payment of Vat tax r interstate taxes. Thus they are able to sell the commodities with good margin. if we found the good were not covered by any Bill / Bilty / Challan or invoices .It was liable to penalty Under section 51 of Punjab vat tax to the 50% of the cost of goods , if the consignee or consignor were not clearly identifiable then in additional to that local rate of tax was also imposed . We assess the Fair market value based on the three quotations

Whenever we caught some traders or parcel passer ,they usually react by saying ,Tu Jaanda main kaun haan? ,(Do you know ,who I am ? ).Just to tell that they have some nexus with some high posts or to political person . But most of the case we found their claims is always bogus. Some time It makes me laugh from inside .What he is talking to me ? How can I know this person or his godfathers ?.How he is supposing that I know him? .

After that they try to use all possible means and influence from local trade union or local acquaintances to reduce the assessment price of the good in order to reduce the penalty .Because the good is only release once  amount in terms of security money equal to penalty amount is paid. They were free to file the appeal. But most of the cases traders do not file the appeal .as they know they were on fault. Moreover they record their statements and signed in the notices and proceedings. Still some times traders file the cases to the district Excise and taxation Commissioner.

Once when a person ask me ,Do you know who i am , I asked him back ,”.Do you know who you are? .Why are you doing all this ? You seems to belong to a good family .he told me he was engineering graduate .He has good family settle in good locality in Pathankot ..His parent were on good government job .He told me he hasn’t got any job .He has to do something for living ,If he pass the things he can easily make 2 to 3 thousand in day ..

We usually ask others ,”Do you know who I am ?”.But do we know ourselves really. We are the one who is always with us .still we are doing the things as per the others directions and expectation . Why we don’t listen to ourselves. We believe in others more than us .We want to be like Mr X or Mr Y .Why can’t we concentrate on becoming Mr. ME, Mr I or Mr. Myself .We can copy the habits of others be can copy the life style .But believes me you can’t be the best copycat .However I am sure that you can be BEST MR.I .You Know Mr I since the day you born .He play with you ,He laugh with you .He was sad when you were sad. The best recipe to make magic potion for converting extra ordinary person from ordinary person is the combination of MIND, Body and Soul.

If you eat healthy, think healthy and have focus what you want in our life .You will get it . Onlything you have toknow the you will not stop doing your actions until you achieve your target. Nobody can change each of these three things only you can change them.

Mind ,You can change by visual nourishment visualising the to place .have a clear understanding of the things .it is said the most successful people fore see the things . They are not astrologers or card readers or wizards. But they conceive their idea in their mind .What know ,What they want to achieve in their life .What they wanted to be . They work for that.

They know the dynamics of body . They spend extra hours to build their bodies . They don’t smoke like chimneys or they don’t drink like horse with two legs . They know what food good for them . They limit the intakes they exercise regularly .we all know Exercise is necessary for good mental concentration and good body . But how many of us has made that a routine habit ? We made churches , We made temples We made good looking buildings of Mosques and Gurudawaras. We went there to pray .Nothing bad in that . One has to pray the almighty no matter what name you give to the supreme power . But have you ever see your body. If I gave you a Premises for living ;

  • which having disrepair or dilapidation beyond repair
  • having defects in drainage, it’s plumbing is leaking , lighting is faulty with fluctuating voltage , having broken window panes for its ventilation or half of the construction has already been destroyed.
  • Cockroaches and rats have full control .Tap water is not clear , there is chances of having infection with a contagious disease,
  • having unsanitary conditions likely to cause sickness to occupants.

Also beside there is graveyard as well and no locality within five kilometer .would you like live in it with your family and kids for your life .Most of us say NO.

Like wise , if we treat our body as garbage bin .Your soul inside you will not be happy to live .This is your temple .if you maintain it properly. Soul within you takes you to the heights that you never imagined

So Know thyself .Don’t ask others ”Do you know ,who I am ?”


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