Believe me , You are a stupid …..

“Believe me , You are a stupid,” when I heard these word from someone a couple of years back I was temporarily working on the workshop because the storekeeper  was on leave  . I got angry . My whole body’s defensive became activated to give a reply . I am not saint But I stopped myself. it is really hard to control the feeling but I did that . I just stop for a while and I said to my mind I am Ok Mate, His perception will not going to change me .I asked him ,”You may be right, But why ?.

When you start a conversation with accepting others view it change their tone and gestures .They rather didn’t expect this .he replied my mate you had given me wrong tool .I said ,”OK ,Let me see your order slip “.I checked the order slip and found I had given the exact tool that he had ordered . I said, “Mate, I had given you the tool that you requested ,I showed him his order slip .He than apologies for his behavior, He accept that it was his fault t . But that can’t be always the case .You may be at you fault. And once you accept that generously it gave to opportunity to rectify the mistake. Earlier is the better .Sometime you find your own mistake . You need to accept the responsibility of being wrong .it is always better to point out your own wrong than somebody point a mistake of you .

There was story that Once Mahatma Gandhi was traveling to south Africa in Ship .there was a English person .he has written couple of pages and use all the abusive language in that .After that he handed over his note to Mahatma .Mahatma took the notes and took out paper clip and put I his pocket and then two out the paper in the sea. Other fellow was get got mad and frustrated .he came to him and said I had written page for 2 hours and you hadn’t read a single word. .He replied I know from your gestures So i know that what you are passing to me. The thing which was of my use I kept that and the one I don’t need I thrown in the sea.. Many of my Indian friends may know about this story.

Are we stupid? We know when we see inside us .We did some stupid things in our past may be some you may be exception. .Most of the things we hide from others , even we don’t tell to others .Slowly when you accumulate these things in you .It will add a big pile of the events. You need to f=drain those stupid events from your life either by correcting them or if you can’t correct you need to share with someone …I always tell them stupid things to strangers .i love to talk to people .it is always great to learn the stories . You always learn a new way or perception of things thus broaden your thinking horizon . .they are not having any place in my life .And when you told them they enjoy your story .The best thing it do is it takes out the Burdon from your mind .

If somebody saying to me that I haven’t done a single stupid task in my life for me they are telling a lie . it is the ego within us which stop us to accept our fault or stupid thing. When we were child at that time we accept the faults so easily as we grow we stop to share the .when we share our silly thing with parents or sibling they start making laugh. I remember one of my friend did told to his parent that I had smoke a cigarette when we were in class tenth ,. He was given a prize by his parents of slaps .He later share with me , Yaar ( Friend ) I had said a truth that papa I had smoked and  I also told him that I don’t like it . I don’t know how people smoke the cigarette. I was beaten by my parents and even my mother had cut short my monthly allowance. She was telling me ,”You got spoiled because I am giving you money more than your needs . You are buying the cigarette out of that.”.When we stopped or get a negative behavior despite of our honest and truth usually we change our course of action .When he was beaten first time it doesn’t mean that he will stop smoking .It means if he smoke again .He won’t let his parents knows about it .

Stupid means senseless, unwise, thoughtless, rash, irresponsible, foolish, risky, silly, crazy or cracked .But when one say to you .There may be reason behind it. Don’t be stupid ….You can’t be stupid if somebody say so.You are only stupid , when you don’t work on your stupidity.


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