You and your Time: 1: Benefits of Time Management

One day I was in dining room at my project site camp. I was sharing table with two of my colleague both work in startup group .One was from Iran and another lady was from my home land India. I and the lady had vegetarian meals in the plates and he was eating non vegetarian. They were already discussing about being vegetarian is better or a meat eater is good. She pointed towards my plate and told him ,”Hey, look he also have vegetarian meal”. I told I was previously non-vegetarian but in this project site , I decided to be vegetarian and I haven’t taken any oath that I won’t eat meat .I told that I had quit smoking and drinking alcohol. She was then tease Iranian Guy , “You need to learn from him “, I said but I haven’t quit drinking bear . Now it is his turn to speak out to her,” Now look men will be men. They know the things which are good for them ,so more advice “.

You will surprise why I mention this episode, reason is that we are mostly slave of out habits and it is very difficult to change, if it is easy to change then I won’t be here writing the blog and you won’t be here to read my blog .We know what times mean to us and what is the benefit to manage your time. I had studied the day scheduled of successful people and i found they are no more different than us the difference between them and us is the way they manage their time and action they took

I will assure you once you will undergo this series, you will find that you will empower yourself with new skills and you will get benefited by managing you time ,Time management means staying on top of your time, life, and activities. You may find something or some concepts are not applicable to you. but to practice this is solely depends on you mere studying the concepts does not bring you change but your need to practices the things to get the maximum benefit from this series There are lots of benefits of time management .

  • You will be more in control of personnel life
  • We will feel that we are more satisfied by judicially giving time to work and to family
  • You become more effective communicator and attain a focused approach to the things
  • You will be more happy and fresh and it will leads to better life with fulfillment
  • You are able to better manage your workload
  • People will see you are a role model despite of all the pressure you manage the things.
  • Your relationships with the people around improve.
  • You will find time to grow yourself mentally and physically.
  • It will allows you to spend your time on the things that matter most to you
  • It saves lots of efforts of rework and efforts, thus saving your money.
  • Being on top of your time and work produces more opportunities
  • You will find you are in better control your destiny than others
  • Time is inversely proportional to your stress level more availability of time means reduction in your stress level.
  • You will value the time of the others and mastering the skill to manage the relations.

You know what are your core drivers and triggers which can results in wastage of time


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