Magic in You Series :5: YOU NEED STORIES to be successful in your life

As we grow up we learn trough the stories, stories of people around us or the stories we read or being told by someone to us . That stories make our believes . I remember when I was kid I was found of reading lots of stories from CHANDA MAMA “ “CHAMPAK “ “ SUMAN SAURABH “”NANDAN” .Like all kid I use to read a lot of comics and Pocket books .The stories of animals . Stories of Panchatantra, stories from Hitopedesh ,Arabian nights , Soviet stories from Mir Publications ,Stories from Gita Press and many more . I love to read .My father is great admirer of books. Even on Sundays we went to Vaishnoo Devi temple in Kullu . Temple had a Kids library of religious books and inspirational personalities of the world in Hindi. I love to go there with my friends . It inspire me a lot and give me opportunity to learn .Even when I was in eight class .My father was a regular member of District library he pay the annual fee, But he hardly find time to go to the Library . When I was having summer holidays .i use his card to issue the book fromlibrary . I read my first English small book ,the adventure of Tom sawyer , Pinocchio . Jungle book and many more title. Library was Despite of library was , around 3 KM from my home,at Dhalpur back side of Cultural Art Centre . This place is a ground for the world famous KULLU Dushera Festival . I was used to walk to Dhalpur from Akhara Bazar . Since I was child and had lot of energy, I rarely feel like tired .now ,despite of i grow big still find sometime powerless

I go via Inner Bazar to Sultanpur. Sultan pur having Palace of king of Kullu Called Rupi Place. It is at elevated height then I go from Sultanpur to Sarvari and after crossing the sarvari river from lower dhal put to the Dhalpur . The walkway from my home to Dhalpur was full of ups and downs some time steep slop , sometime steep rise . It is like our life , It had lots of up and down . In our life Sometime we are at peak sometime we are at bottom . I love to walk through the way .during the walk I come across lot of green orchards .and lots of shops . I also able to saw poster of latest Bollywood movies on the Videoparlours. There was only one theatre at that time in Kullu .People used to watch Movies in Small videoparlours. Only a few people has Television and VCR;s .Those who has utilise that for earning . Videoparlourswerevery where most they are in Lower Dhalpur .

Stories build our believes and character .We learn a l lot from the stories movies and media .Everyone of us have an image of ideal Hero in our brain .We want to look like that .We want to talk like that .We want build the attitude like that . We use the image again and again in our mind. We try to copy them .

Media today provide lots of biased information .We have been told the stories of misery ,corruption, violence, murder ,frauds and dirty political stunts .Most of the electronic and print media targeting their ranking and driven by profit .It is only a few channel who like to encourage or promote the positiveness of daily life .Everyday million of honest transactions takes place. Every second many good acts are being performed . But we don’t know about it. But if we have mind sight rather than eye sight we can find the good stories around us .he world is now having multiple channel of information .

You can find the source of inspiration , if you desired to .It is like just the million and million of items available in the market and in mega stores .if we have to purchase the a needle , We can find the store and section in that store .It is on us to decide what we want from world.

It is you who decide what kind of stories you want to listen .if you tuned to news channel you can expect a rock song .If you are Tunned to Cartoon channel .You can’t expects that after sometime great spiritual programme will be telecasted .

If you want to success in your life you need to find your own stories of motivation .It is not possible to have a single story which can motivate to all the people of the world .if that is possible we won’t have many books in the library .We don’t have many religions in the world.

Don’t let others make your believe and choices .Believe in you and know what you want from your life .Search for the stories on inspiration …that suits ,.. to you and … for your dream….. .In the process of that you will find that it will create a different you .it will give a different kind of energy to you . which will help you …to achieve the kind of success you want ……


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