Thy Governors :Part 2: Who are our governors ?

 Who are they? Governor can be print and digital media including newspapers internet .Governor can be a politician .Governor can be  modern-day spiritual leaders or preachers .Governor can be your neighbours, friends ,teachers ,parents and society . I call them governors.

Governors are too smart and fitted million horsepower engine in their bicycle of thoughts. They govern us they motivate us to copy them by their key positions in social structure and their abilities to force us to do the things we don’t want to do .It does not happen accidentally .Its being made for you. They use It they design it scientifically they check it .They review iit.They made the things visible to us according to them. And we see the things in their prospective. They influence our daily lives ,our space of political views , our moral and social and ethical thinking we are dominated by invisible forces who control our mind body and soul.

Why these forces influence us and force us what to buy ? Where to study ? What to study? Which medicine you should take ? Which car to buy ? Where should buy ? Which movie should you watch? What cloths you wear? We accept the evidences and views provided by the media people and peak groups.

We are social animals we learn by others .We take most of our decision based on biased ors based on someone’s recommendation and It seems to me that many of us are afraid that the moment we accept ourselves as we are and took decision by our own , we will never move forward in our lives. That is what our minds often tell us and they tend to offer the worst-case rather than the best-case scenario.

Life was never linear and it won’t be either. It is always hard to take your decisions. Something inside you doesn’t want this, is putting up resistance and ignoring how you feel. You need to talk to you .Hey buddy let’s give try. Get up, move on, decide and don’t complain. Than Make your effort to prove your decision was good.

I strongly believe that ultimate goal of personal growth is THE self-acceptance so I keep working on my challenges. And the more I work on it, the more experience i get that if I do accept myself and my decisions .


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