Why are You Reading my blog ..

Why are you reading my blog. I know it may be , you accidentally landed here  ,or may be told by someone  ,or may be you love to investigate the things ,may be you need to learn the new things, One thing is sure, I know You are different than others and  you are hungry for the knowledge .You need to explore the world of possibilities. I  just want to share you only .I am writing these blogs for , Those  who gave up their dreams I just want to ignite their brains again by sharing my experiences. All of above are just my guesses But the best reason is only you knows how you landed here .

Do You ever feel shock of electricity ? ,when you drink a glass of water .or when put your hand in ocean or in river . You will say Raj are you kidding or foolish, when there is no electric source. How I am going to experience the shock. You are right.

Now ,when you already reached here than I will ask you a silly question. When we saw big Hydel projects is it the water which have Electricity ?or is it the falling water or streamed water which fall down on the blade of the turbine ? that water then which convert the potential energy in to kinetic energy .My whole point of putting this logic is to say that once you streamline all of you energy like laser. It will give you amazing results .

We all know Water is always flowing towards the lower gradient .When you have to move that to higher level to you need change the flow or to change the direction .you need to build the dams .You need to put some blockage the steam .Than you have to devised the channels so that the water reached to the needed places .You don’t need any hard work to stay at the bottom .If you want to raise you need to put some extra efforts.

May by this time you won’t able to make up your mind Why are You Reading my blog …No I will tell you why you are reading my posts.

You are reading my blog because life is worth sharing and learning from others .Next Thing it is crazy you did met me I didn’t saw you .still we are exchanging our ideas .[I still waiting for your feed back if you want to share your experience with me ]It is amazing fact of the technology . We have a special kind of bond between you and me .That’s the reason that I like you .I have written this material just for you . I least care about what world think about you . For me you are just guest to me .

No effort is needed to get up late in the morning .It takes effort to get up early and go to gym or for meditation or for writing your blogs . I don’t want to teach anything or promote anything.

The last thing it is YouRAj. ,it is a Kindom of you .Although maintained by me for You .Now and for always . You are always welcome to back again and share your thoughts…..You are the king /Queen /Prince /Princess   here .You can write the things as you like .You can comment as you like it …..


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