Magic in You Series :21 : Power of Silence

Silence is a great strength of any human and it is within control of oneself, when one want to talk and when one don’t want to. It is better to keep mum when you can’t add a value in a conversation as listening gives you more knowledge .When you speak up it shows your knowledge you acquired over a period of time .Daily we listen and we talk a lot .We listen to the voices that we are not interested and not intended to listen. Some words we listen unconsciously some time we here the sound that we don’t understand but our brain keeps on receiving different thought in terms of frequencies of sound .Some fall in to our listening range some are beyond our listening spectrum of frequency .

Do we able to control those, we can to only to a very small extent. Nature has made us a natural receptor of the things .We are Receiver and we are also creator of sound .There are common thing on all mankind .These are the sound of happiness & joy and sound of pain and suffering. Even this is evident in animals. There is power in sound .This power has unlimited potential for creation or for destruction .But silence is more big and soothing .Silence gives you more power to observe and learn .Silence give you more power to concentrate . Silence provides oneself to see inside of him or her .It fuels your neurons for a free flow in the brain.

The Most part of universe is empty and there are various sounds going on like big collisions, explosions ,supernovas .Sound is what we perceive when vibrating air molecules( which is the carrier of the waveform) hits our eardrum. But in absence of medium we don’t listen any sound ,that’s why I put that universe is silent .

The basic of meditation is silence .Meditation gives a boast to your mental energy .But most of the religions for peace they preach the things even some time with big loud speakers and microphones ,Why ? .Are they not here to give us peace and happiness .

Our reason to visit the holy places is to get a peace and happiness .Does one get a ultimate peace in sound ? Another beautiful contradiction to my view is music .Sound of music has proven results that it can provide state of harmony in the body , which creates a feeling of peace .Music transfer sound to a frequency that matches to one’s mind. But to listen music and feel it fully you need a quite place away from other sounds of so that distortion should not happen ,again silence plays a role here .That is the reason music is often recorded in music studios to get best quality of sound.

You should spend some time to be silence and just observe the things more closely .Silence act as power tool to introspect oneself .It delivers us the insight to go deeper in to the things .It provides mind a relax state .It ease out strangled threads of a problem .You should spend some time to rove with it ….


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