Home YOUR Home Series: 2: You NEED KIT to buy a home

You may be heard of first aid kits, spare parts kit, testing kits, maintenance kits you need KIT as tool to shape your dream n to reality. These are K -Knowledge, I- Investment & T- Time

Knowledge: There is no limit of brain and of knowledge, the more you gain the more you practice. The more you practice more result you get . The best way is to keep your eyes and ears always open and assimilate the bits and piece together. First step is to know you and your family needs.

  • What can be the future trends of a particular area?
  • What amenities you need to close to your home?
  • Are you purchasing for living or for investments?
  • What can be your principle sources of information?

Investment: We are not living a hostile world,everything is have some value and price tag associated with it . You need funds to buy a house .The source of the funds may be your own savings of you can get loan from some financial institutions .You must be mindful about the amount you are borrowing

  • Do you have enough stream of income to pay your debts?
  • Do you have some future scope of multiple streams of income?
  • What are different sources of loans or funds?
  • What are the hidden charges apart from interest rates?
  • Is there any pre-payment or missed installment penalty?
  • Look out for any major upcoming project in your area like new railway station or bus stand or bye pass road or a leisure center


Time: Spare some time to investigate the market and the area you are going to live in .It is a major financial you are making .if married make sure to give weightage to your spouse comments. In India it is old saying,” one and one makes eleven”. Two brains are always better.

  • What may be the factor to choose your property? List out the factors.
  • What can be the properties which suits to 80% of your requirement and weigh each property against your list factors.
  • Talk to the owner asks about the history of home its construction.
  • If possible get the drawing of the electrical , sanitary plan
  • Talk to the neighbours and check the local council or electricity department for any outstanding billing amount.
  • Check for the tile in the local property register and get the copy of JAMABANDI /FARD /revenue records

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