Take the Control of You Series: 4: Make decisions and stop making Excuses

I am just like you , When I want to do work , that I love , I create 100 reasons for it and when I don’t want to work, I found out  101 reasons to justify my cause . We are not robots or machine that our memory and instruction sheet is full of prerecorded routine and Couse of actions. We are all very smart people of the planet of Apes . We move ourselves from Apes to Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise person”).

I was married in 2003 to a beautiful lady .Who is still my best friend and critic  and my spouse. Today is Karvachuth in India .Today most of married Hindu women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands life and sometimes, unmarried women observe the fast for their fiancés or desired husbands. They don’t even drink a glass of water.

We both have various excuses and we keeps on accusing each other for some or other reasons for the things happen in our life like in most of the married couples .But difference brings us more closely. Today I am in Australia she is in India .when we got married we both does not have jobs. She left her lecturer ship and I had just came from England .After10 years when we both learnt that we have not secured financial position that we were dreamt .We already became proud parents of two most lovable fairies of god .I took decision to move out .I want just apply for three year of leave and landed in Australia to explore the unknown and fulfill my target to create a emergency fund .

I was not sure what job or what work I have to do in totally new country .Still had faith that I will do it and i wont go  back unless until   I  meet my target .I got help from some of my friends and I landed in a good job at last .The secret of this was that , I have strong purpose and I had attached strong emotional and personal reasons with my purpose and I stop making excuses with me and took decision .

Life is a not a task that you complete and then finish rather it is a continuous chasing of moving targets with creative problem solving attitude. Failure remains as failure unless and until you refuse to correct it. Thus, most of the mistakes or slipups remain as it is once one put excuses instead of decisions.

To get back you back on the rails you need to take decision and you need to stick to it irrespective of the feedbacks…


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