Magic in You Series :12:Know your Needs and Wants

I was born in year 1974 ,on 13 December .later I come to know people consider 13 as bad number but it was a good number as I born on this day . I have particular interest in year. In 1970 ,Julhikar Ali Bhuto who was a noted politician to our separated rather axed portion of our mother land Hindustan , Pakistan, has coined a term ROTI (food ,)KAPADA (cloth) aur (and ) MAKAN (house) before the general elections. Based on the same title a Bollywood film was made in 1974, It isstory of struggle of middle income family living in Delhi . We have primary and secondary necessities of life .The primary necessaire are those without which It is hard to live like food, shelter, cloths. These are termed as Needs .On top of the others needs of basic necessaries of life are termed as Wants.

If I say , Wants are expanded or extended  needs .i won’t be wrong . In 1844, Karl Marx famously defined humans as “creatures of need” or “needy creatures” who experienced suffering in the process of learning and working to meet their needs.

We need to understand the difference between these two, it will help us to understand the TIME and EFFORT we are putting in order to get the things done. It also help us to plan and manage our Money , difference teach us how to spend and save wisely.

Sometime there is very thin line between these two ,.It depends on YOU to define YOUR own NEEDs an WANTS .Each one has some universal needs and some personal Needs. There are sometime I have question in my mind .Like education and knowledge is need or want? Internet is a need or want?

For a Player exercise and playing is need, For some scientist acquiring knowledge is need, For some Philosophers sharing their knowledge is their need. For a monk meditation is need. The difference between normal person and extraordinary people is that later made goal their wants to needs .They make a habit to get their integral part of their daily routine. They make their life such that they can’t live without that .It is as simple as breathing for living.

To understand about something is just ask “What will happen if I don’t have this item?” or “Can I live without it?” if you can than it is your want. If you can it is your need. To be success in your life you need to know how to convert your wants in to dire needs….


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