How to Make Secured and Memorable Passwords

We all do lots of online transaction and use lots of login .we all have different ides for forma password. I have learned couple of techniques to form a secured password .I have a problem I forget the password so often so I try to put some logic when I make my password.

  • When you have to make password .Just think of any song or any sentence in your mind, e.g. It’s my life …or We can be heros ….. or simply I love my country , Then pick the first letter of each word ;-

It’s my life [iml] ,We can be heros [wcbh],I love my country [ilmc] then make one of alphabet a capital and add a number in front or at back also add a symbol to make it more secure .e.g imL1974# ,wcnh&2015 or ilmC1947$

  • Another technique which I use is I think of any word of even my ownname or wife name .e.g suppose my name is ManojKumar . what I do .i will chose the key on top or bootom line of key board and pick the alphabet , you can choose top left side or top left side , you can you bottom left side or bottom right side e.g

Manoj Kumar top left side keys are kwj0io8kw5

ManojKumartop left side ,jqh9ui7jq4

ManojKumarbottom left side (below m only I chose nothing so I just capitalise the alphabet like wise others   , below “a” left side shift key so I chose nothing I made a as capital )MANknmhMAd

Manojkumarbottom right side e.gMzNlmKjMzf

  • For password of your ATM cards you can reverse the year of your birth e.g if my year sis 1976 my password will be 6791 ,you can reverse initial or last digits of your phone number .You can make more different by first letter your siblings e.g I have three 3 ad your age e.g mine is 41 as last two in the middle just add your addition of your birth year e.g mine is 7 so it is 7=4=11 and again 1+1= 2 so my password is 3241

Use your creativity to make you password secure .It is your own responsibility to secure you and your transactions .Majority of you already know still there are some more tips .

Do not share your password with anyone don’t write anywhere, change your password frequently.

Make use of on screen keyboard while entering your password in to your bank login .You can invoke onscreen keyboard . if your are using windows you can use

Windows button+R it shows you run prompt -> then ->type “osk”


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