Take the Control of You Series: 9: Empower yourself by Simplify your Life

Simplify your life will actually amplify your life. We make our life complicated by feeding your ego .Most of the companies are selling their products and they constantly upgrading in their technologies and let you pay more for their services. We satisfy our ego by purchasing smarts gadgets. Life is not what people teach life if not what people preach .life is what choices one make in his or her life .

We made our life so much complicated .We being led our life by competition, jealousy, stardom,struggle, rivalryand money. Once a student ask from Chankaya ,” Guru Ji ,what is Poison ? He replied son everything in excess is poison .Excess of eating .excess of sleeping , excess of polygamy, excess of spending , excess of poverty ,excess of richness (if you don’t support others ) , Excess of drinking .each one of us have different values of life . It is found that top two values which leads humans are Health and Family . Still we are engaged in process of creating different kind of poisons in our life.

Life is god’s gift to us .We have developed stress, depression, unhappiness, misery, hopelessness in our life . To simplify your life is only four stage process. You can apply to material or in relations

Step 1 :-> Identify what you all have.

Step 2 :-> Identifies the stuff which is important, relevant to date and necessary for your life and keep that

Step 3 :-> Throwaway /Discard / Sell / Break / Donate / Detach from the things or relation that you don’t want in your life

Step 4 :-> Repeat the same over the period again .

Life was simple and remains simple once you master this concept and apply to your all walks of life

  • You can do to this to your mail account.
  • Your can apply to your ward robe to get rid of extra cloths
  • You can apply this in your relations.
  • You can create more space for you and for your things.
  • You can archive get flexibility to choose among a few.
  • Believe in quality not in quantity.
  • You care create more reliable and trust relations.
  • You are in your control of your finances.
  • It helps you to plan ahead.
  • You can plan to your kitchen supply.
  • You become more prompt and save your money.
  • Spare your time to get rid of the activities which does not add value in your life.
  • It will help you to identify the relations you want to keep in your life.
  • It will give you freedom to choose and reject .Although the things which you are throwing now were of your choice but now they are not of more relevance to day
  • You will identify the difference between price and value concept .price is the money you pay and value the services you get from a product.
  • “HEMAN” was the master of universe when you were kid in your cartoon movies but now you need to know that you are the master of your life .
  • You become more decisive in your decisions.
  • You understand life is the at your own disposal because you can decide what you need in your life .
  • You are no more interested in the more sale deals.
  • Sometime you will find it is difficult of the things which you have emotional connections. Out of sight is out of mind .You will learn to grow even in case of misshape.
  • You become more responsible in your choices

You will  find that you empower yourself once you simplify your Life


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