Thy Governors : Part 1: What are Governors?

A governor is, in most cases, an individual public official with the power to govern the executive branch of a non-sovereign or sub-national level of government, ranking under the head of state. In federations, governor may be the title of the politician who governs a constituent state and may be either appointed or elected. The power of the individual governor can vary dramatically between political systems, with some governors having only nominal, largely ceremonial power, while others have complete power over the entire government.

In mechanical terms governor, or speed limiter, is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine, such as an engine. A classic example is the centrifugal governor, also known as the Watt or fly-ball governor, which uses weights mounted on spring-loaded arms to determine how fast a shaft is spinning, and then uses proportional control to regulate the shaft speed.

Control theory is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and mathematics that deals with the behaviour of dynamical systems with inputs. The external input of a system is called the reference. When one or more output variables of a system need to follow a certain reference over time, a controller manipulates the inputs to a system to obtain the desired effect on the output of the system.

We humans are selfish beings, usually we all take that option or select that commodity which gave us the maximum benefit .We made decisions based on comparison study in other terms on the theory of relativity .We select that commodity service or things which will give us the greatest benefit to our needs or wants. But while making the choice we use certain reference which we have learnt over time .Our decision depend largely on our values perceptions that we acquired from family, friends, print and digital media, internet ,parents, colleagues, pear groups or learning . These are our real agents who make our decisions in our unconscious mind. They are omnipresent and are with us all the time. Although they don’t have any mass weight shape or visible features  yet they are the real forces behind our decisions. Those influencers which act as our controller for our decisions and actions I called them Governors

A good example of control theory would be that people go to work. Most people do not want to go to work, but they do, because they get paid, to obtain food, water, shelter, and clothing. The people that do not have a job or income will commit deviant acts in order to get what they need to survive. But under the influence of powerful governors and their propaganda we are not getting optimally rewarded to satisfy our aims and objective of the life and make our life at the disposal of the others .

Society continuously changing itself . Everything was always on the move and will remain on move .You can’t jump in the same river twice.


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