Believe me , You are a stupid …..

“Believe me , You are a stupid,” when I heard these word from someone a couple of years back I was temporarily working on the workshop because the storekeeper  was on leave  . I got angry . My whole body’s defensive became activated to give a reply . I am not saint But I stopped myself. it is really hard to control the feeling but I did that . I just stop for a while and I said to my mind I am Ok Mate, His perception will not going to change me .I asked him ,”You may be right, But why ?.

When you start a conversation with accepting others view it change their tone and gestures .They rather didn’t expect this .he replied my mate you had given me wrong tool .I said ,”OK ,Let me see your order slip “.I checked the order slip and found I had given the exact tool that he had ordered . I said, “Mate, I had given you the tool that you requested ,I showed him his order slip .He than apologies for his behavior, He accept that it was his fault t . But that can’t be always the case .You may be at you fault. And once you accept that generously it gave to opportunity to rectify the mistake. Earlier is the better .Sometime you find your own mistake . You need to accept the responsibility of being wrong .it is always better to point out your own wrong than somebody point a mistake of you .

There was story that Once Mahatma Gandhi was traveling to south Africa in Ship .there was a English person .he has written couple of pages and use all the abusive language in that .After that he handed over his note to Mahatma .Mahatma took the notes and took out paper clip and put I his pocket and then two out the paper in the sea. Other fellow was get got mad and frustrated .he came to him and said I had written page for 2 hours and you hadn’t read a single word. .He replied I know from your gestures So i know that what you are passing to me. The thing which was of my use I kept that and the one I don’t need I thrown in the sea.. Many of my Indian friends may know about this story.

Are we stupid? We know when we see inside us .We did some stupid things in our past may be some you may be exception. .Most of the things we hide from others , even we don’t tell to others .Slowly when you accumulate these things in you .It will add a big pile of the events. You need to f=drain those stupid events from your life either by correcting them or if you can’t correct you need to share with someone …I always tell them stupid things to strangers .i love to talk to people .it is always great to learn the stories . You always learn a new way or perception of things thus broaden your thinking horizon . .they are not having any place in my life .And when you told them they enjoy your story .The best thing it do is it takes out the Burdon from your mind .

If somebody saying to me that I haven’t done a single stupid task in my life for me they are telling a lie . it is the ego within us which stop us to accept our fault or stupid thing. When we were child at that time we accept the faults so easily as we grow we stop to share the .when we share our silly thing with parents or sibling they start making laugh. I remember one of my friend did told to his parent that I had smoke a cigarette when we were in class tenth ,. He was given a prize by his parents of slaps .He later share with me , Yaar ( Friend ) I had said a truth that papa I had smoked and  I also told him that I don’t like it . I don’t know how people smoke the cigarette. I was beaten by my parents and even my mother had cut short my monthly allowance. She was telling me ,”You got spoiled because I am giving you money more than your needs . You are buying the cigarette out of that.”.When we stopped or get a negative behavior despite of our honest and truth usually we change our course of action .When he was beaten first time it doesn’t mean that he will stop smoking .It means if he smoke again .He won’t let his parents knows about it .

Stupid means senseless, unwise, thoughtless, rash, irresponsible, foolish, risky, silly, crazy or cracked .But when one say to you .There may be reason behind it. Don’t be stupid ….You can’t be stupid if somebody say so.You are only stupid , when you don’t work on your stupidity.


Magic in you series :15: Accept What You are ….

To be honest I am not align with the old age advice ,”Love your job” , Reason is you Job or your career is always working for others .There is almost no scope for you . On top of that, with lots of opportunities and growing competition, Most of us hoping around from one job to other, due to various personal reasons. We only love those things in which we feel our emotions are attached .When we do job for someone , internally we know that we are being paid for the work..If kid has to start he has to climb the ladder again .We make the hobbies for the things we love we don’t make those things as career Life is compromising .

If you wanted extra ordinary success and attach and dedicated to it .The road is never full of joy .It is always going against the things you love. I love to eat chocolates and love to drink bear ,if I wanted to be a best athlete in the world because I love running .I hate waking up in the morning also I hate to go to gym. is it possible to go all the things side by side .if you devote more time on one activity ,the time for the other activity will shrunk . You need to balance the activities in your life . Don’t love you work .Never be satisfied by the result you are getting always trying to go against the establish facts and perceptions.

If you still addicted to this old idea to do the things which you love .If You fascinated by this idea .Than you should decide that . I have to do the work in my field ,if I didn’t get the job or work ,I will create work for me . I will take my work to the new heights . Big business ideas are generated by need and necessities not by because they love the work . Nobody wants to fail . But when we work on our failure of feedback we ultimately make a success .

You don’t need to impress others you need to be as your are . Makeup are done by artist on the stage . [ For the ladies: Some time facial make is needed as we are living in social world you have to be look nice ] . I had come across one of the best lines about thinking of others ,” Don’t thing about the people what they think about you. because they are busy in thinking what do you think about themselves .” . Lots of people make false presumptions about you .You do not need to break their assumptions. You need to live your life as you are living. You should not bother about justifying your point as long as you know what your doing is right .it is in good interest of you or in your organization. I have firm believe that nobody in this world is god or bad, right or wrong. It is the action of the people that make them sometime unpopular among some groups . In Hindi there is one saying ,” SABSE BADA ROG , KAYA KAHENGEY LOG ‘ (biggest ill is what people think about us ).

I have firm advocacy to know thyself. When we know our self and your capabilities and you knuckle down to your work and stop worrying about the past or future .You need to get busy and do the work without worrying about the feedbacks fro others .You have make believe and promise to make self not to stop unless you get he success . You don’t have to ne realistic .being realist is another pitfall advice most of time people provide you ,Being realistic mean you are accepting the forces of determination or the rule lied by the world for you . You get the extra ordinary by become not realistic by generously accepting sometime your failures and moving ahead with perseverance. You Should know how to forgive yourself for mistakes .You have to understand the stupidity in you. If you are sad or mad or want to cry .just let all of the negative feeling completely flow through you. You should .Know how to be Good to be you. You should have treat to you once you achieve something. Because road to success s not Love your job that you do but to   Accept what you are …”

Magic in You Series :14: You are Hero of Your life…

Who dose not wants to be hero .We all had our days of thinking like we will be a hero once. We all somehow motivated by some hero .We heard a lot of stories /movies of heroism of about fighting for nation ,jumping in the fire and save a beautiful girl .Saving a small kid from his abductors .We have in our real life lots of Hero around us .To me everyone is a hero in his or her own life . Life is full of struggle. We flight daily we made decision .We earn living, We take care of our family and kids. Though we are not saving world from star wars or spying to stop a nuclear deal among underworlds ,Yet ,We all are Heroes of our life .

When we try to copy other we ended up by losing our true identity, I have firm believe you can’t copy 100% of a person. There was only one mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi , or Lincoln or Einstein and it will remain only one. You can get motivation from their lives .But the motivation remain motivation and with passage of time it got faded out .We don’t need any motivation for long term infect we need inspiration within us for sustained results and goals .We need to develop a spark inside us.

To me Motivation is temporary and inspiration is permanent .if we have attached reason to our expectation or goal of life and we work with our own inspiration. In one of the motivation video it was stated ,When you do the things and actions when no body is watching you. When you got the opportunity to do the same ,that world watch you , you will outperform .It is the zeal and energy which come from your own inspiration that differentiate winners from losers .

You are the best person to motivate you .For this you need to magnify your positive experiences. . when we recall positive experience and positive behaviour research has shown our mind has a FEEL GOOD state .Massachusetts institute of technology has publish an article in June 2015 that ,” Recalling happier memories can reverse depression” . Event specific knowledge is stored in our brain in self memory system which we called autobiographical knowledge base . People who are more successful and happy in their life has more self-respect. Self-respect and confidence is built based on our own reorganisation of doing the things which are good for us . It is also establish fact that negative experiences or memories get faded faster in our mind  [ref Walker, W. R.; Vogl, R. J.; Thompson, C. P. (1997). “Autobiographical memory: Unpleasantness fades faster than pleasantness over time]. I had read a story in which A man was telling to his child a story in which he said, “We have two person in our mind. One is good and other is bad. They continually fighting to each other” .When kid asked ,Father , “Which one won at last” .His father replied ,”To whom, I fed more”. Despite of the fact that negative memories faded faster, We recall most of the time our negative experiences. One can win all the time by pose our self as hero in our own life .and I will share a few tips that how we can found the greatness in us.

  • Recall good time when did you last time spent a good vacation with your family. You need to recall when it Was? Where it was? What had you play at that time? How it was fun?
  • Recall when you had got first full marks in your school.
  • Recall when did you first time make proud to your parents or to your wife or kid
  • If you aremarried,Recall the feeling of getting your first child. The first time when you Kid crawl, remember the first time you kid make you proud.
  • Remember the first time you gotpromotion .remember the last time when you were done a task before time .
  • Remember when first time you stand up against someone to help the weak
  • Remember the time when you have collected a charity for your club or for a social cause.
  • Remember when you take the decision and prove that right by your action.
  • Recall your achievements, what made you to win or overcome the obstacle ?what it was ? how did you overcome ?
  • Recall when you help someone in getting the things done .
  • Recall when you donate,
  • Recall when you share the thing with someone .when you offer a seat to a old lady or pregnant lady .
  • Remember the best movie you had watched .what was the movie? Why it make you laugh or remember?.
  • Magnify the good experiences
  • Recall the your first love , How did you proposed her .
  • Recall your happy relationships with you satisfied customers ,colleagues ,relative .
  • Recall a moment when you met a stranger and he or she is totally impressed by you
  • Try to assimilate what your hero would do if he or she is in similar situation or circumstances.

There are many more you are the best judge to recall your happy memories .Be you own here and remain happy. Happy people achieve more and contribute more to the society by spreading their aura. You were born unique, you had unique characteristics and qualities .You experience is different than the world and You will remain unique . Recall your greatness in you . You are the master of your own destiny and no one other than you inspire more than you. Nobody can make you successful unless you  want and  do action.

How to Make Secured and Memorable Passwords

We all do lots of online transaction and use lots of login .we all have different ides for forma password. I have learned couple of techniques to form a secured password .I have a problem I forget the password so often so I try to put some logic when I make my password.

  • When you have to make password .Just think of any song or any sentence in your mind, e.g. It’s my life …or We can be heros ….. or simply I love my country , Then pick the first letter of each word ;-

It’s my life [iml] ,We can be heros [wcbh],I love my country [ilmc] then make one of alphabet a capital and add a number in front or at back also add a symbol to make it more secure .e.g imL1974# ,wcnh&2015 or ilmC1947$

  • Another technique which I use is I think of any word of even my ownname or wife name .e.g suppose my name is ManojKumar . what I do .i will chose the key on top or bootom line of key board and pick the alphabet , you can choose top left side or top left side , you can you bottom left side or bottom right side e.g

Manoj Kumar top left side keys are kwj0io8kw5

ManojKumartop left side ,jqh9ui7jq4

ManojKumarbottom left side (below m only I chose nothing so I just capitalise the alphabet like wise others   , below “a” left side shift key so I chose nothing I made a as capital )MANknmhMAd

Manojkumarbottom right side e.gMzNlmKjMzf

  • For password of your ATM cards you can reverse the year of your birth e.g if my year sis 1976 my password will be 6791 ,you can reverse initial or last digits of your phone number .You can make more different by first letter your siblings e.g I have three 3 ad your age e.g mine is 41 as last two in the middle just add your addition of your birth year e.g mine is 7 so it is 7=4=11 and again 1+1= 2 so my password is 3241

Use your creativity to make you password secure .It is your own responsibility to secure you and your transactions .Majority of you already know still there are some more tips .

Do not share your password with anyone don’t write anywhere, change your password frequently.

Make use of on screen keyboard while entering your password in to your bank login .You can invoke onscreen keyboard . if your are using windows you can use

Windows button+R it shows you run prompt -> then ->type “osk”

Magic in You Series :13: Live Your Fear …

It is one of the oldest known emotion of mankind. Fear is equally present in animals and humans . Fear made us to evolved to our current stage . It is one of most influential and strong emotion . It help us to fight for survival .It help us to build the new things .It help to utilise the brain to its maximum capacity. It drive human to beat the rest of the world .When we have found any life threat we found our brain and body works like a military unit ready for combat and survival . Throughout our life we come across our life various kind of fears .Some with the passage of time cured by our actions ,some become our phobias, because we don’t take actions. Fear is not always clueless .There is always a reason for being fear. Either that you experience yourself or you observed that . You can deal the fear with the help of medicines and psychological way . But key to kill you fear is within you . You need to face that. It is Ok that once you had experience feeling of fear .But that won’t remain .When you next time you visit your fear most of the time it disappear. The problem lies with u .We fear to face the fear again.

There are two part on right and left brain which are responsive for feelings parts called Amygdala .Our brain release various Hormones which intern regulate the heart rate ,increase blood flow increased level of glucose from energy stores of our body .Fear can be treated via use of glucocorticoid (glucose + cortex + steroid)drugs . (REF :Wikipedia)

Fear can be divide in to two categories

Universal fears :It is common to all like fear of death. No body want to die exceptions to abnormalities or mental disorder in ones’ life . Fear of Death .Fear of survival ,Fear or unknown

Individual fears :Fear of age Fear of being caught Fear of uncertainty or unknown , Fear of Loss. We have certain believes which contribute to our phobias .Fear of religion ,fear of bullies fear of rejection

No matter what is the name of the fear in our mind .Fear is often a persecutor for your actions .It is You who allow it to stay backs in your life.It is on the potential of individual .I can’t kill your fear for  you on your behalf. It is you who has to take a action .Nobody can humiliate you unless you allow them to do so .

I remember once I came home weeping having tears in my eyes to my mother. I told her Mom Lucky taken my marvels .He didn’t won from me .He snatch from me took them and run away .My mom asked me ,”Didn’t you went after him “.I said “No “.She asked me again ,”Why didn’t you went after him “. I told her he is strong and he has big sister .She told me don’t come home with your small things .You should go and get your thing by yourself. I pleaded again to Mom ,”Should I take Pankoo (My elder brother ) with me”.She said ,”No .It is your things you should know how to get that back .” .I fear a lot from Lucky .he is stronger than me .I had seen several time that he flights with fist.   I didn’t went back . Next day when we were playing .Lucky came up .I don’t have marvels to play, and I needed marvels to play, I  snatch Lucky’s plastic bag of marvels.He hit on my face. I got up and throw mud in his eyes. As soon he cover his eyes.I hit him again and again ,again and again .Even her sister who was three years older than me ,Dose not dare to stop me. I was having very thin body. I was not of well built body. I have always wore Topi (cap ).Form that moment some of my friend start calling me Tantyatope.(He was fearless and notable generals in first fight of independence for India in 1857 ).. I never feel so strong From that moment .He never taken my marvel.

Once you decided to give up your everything or fear nothing , I had experienced, there is nobody who can stop you .Covert your Inner Bullies into allies for your growth and expansion. So, I encourage you to let your Doubting Voice be the new fuel for your growth, for a deeper self-acceptance, that will bring more energy and clarity to your purpose work.

When you on a road and some dogs bark at you .believe me when you turn around and see in it’s eyes. It won’t bark back at you .The first step is you have to have believe in you . Most of the fear are created by you and you are only one who can destroy it. Most of the fears are created in our own brain. It is ridiculous sickening thing created by you and it is easy to defeat that once you .See the fear in its eyes and face it.

Magic in You Series :12:Know your Needs and Wants

I was born in year 1974 ,on 13 December .later I come to know people consider 13 as bad number but it was a good number as I born on this day . I have particular interest in year. In 1970 ,Julhikar Ali Bhuto who was a noted politician to our separated rather axed portion of our mother land Hindustan , Pakistan, has coined a term ROTI (food ,)KAPADA (cloth) aur (and ) MAKAN (house) before the general elections. Based on the same title a Bollywood film was made in 1974, It isstory of struggle of middle income family living in Delhi . We have primary and secondary necessities of life .The primary necessaire are those without which It is hard to live like food, shelter, cloths. These are termed as Needs .On top of the others needs of basic necessaries of life are termed as Wants.

If I say , Wants are expanded or extended  needs .i won’t be wrong . In 1844, Karl Marx famously defined humans as “creatures of need” or “needy creatures” who experienced suffering in the process of learning and working to meet their needs.

We need to understand the difference between these two, it will help us to understand the TIME and EFFORT we are putting in order to get the things done. It also help us to plan and manage our Money , difference teach us how to spend and save wisely.

Sometime there is very thin line between these two ,.It depends on YOU to define YOUR own NEEDs an WANTS .Each one has some universal needs and some personal Needs. There are sometime I have question in my mind .Like education and knowledge is need or want? Internet is a need or want?

For a Player exercise and playing is need, For some scientist acquiring knowledge is need, For some Philosophers sharing their knowledge is their need. For a monk meditation is need. The difference between normal person and extraordinary people is that later made goal their wants to needs .They make a habit to get their integral part of their daily routine. They make their life such that they can’t live without that .It is as simple as breathing for living.

To understand about something is just ask “What will happen if I don’t have this item?” or “Can I live without it?” if you can than it is your want. If you can it is your need. To be success in your life you need to know how to convert your wants in to dire needs….

Magic in You Series:11:Living Life is Your full time business

When someone ask from you ,”What do you do?” Most of us tell the profession in which we work .We tell what we are doing for living . What post we are holding . Most of us work for others for living . We all have different kind of needs and wants .I will discuss them in my next blog. We live life around earning .we ends up your life for working and making living for our family and for us. There is nothing bad in it 99.99% people around the globe do the same. When they born they add a demographic figure in the nation population .we they die nation demographic figure is less by one. Occasionally we think about our personnel development .Most productive hours we sacrifice for working for others .Most productive hours of day are the ours when we are mentally awake and physically or mentally doing the task.

In our life we made schedule for our time, When to do what.Even, We download lots of planning application, reminders, schedulers etc . But why we not live to the plan we make , we get easily bored by doing the things? It happens to me. I had change a lots of job during my career. I had started a lot of hobbies. Initially, if I start doing the things, I experience to have lots of enthusiasm in doing up the things .Even when I was child ,I was told when you remember god with your pure heart .He always come to you for your help. In our Hindu mythology we have lots of gods and Devis . We named them differently , every god has his or her different Aarati (Prayer )and Pooja ( worship method ). My mothers had a old Arati Sangrah (Collection of prayers of different Gods ), it was given to my Mother ,when she got married ,by my NANU (Father of my Mother).I don’t tell anybody that every month I try to recite and repeating the Arati in front of the Devi Mata(GODESS ) or Devta (GOD).when ,I found nothing is coming to me . On the very next month I change the god e.g from Krishna to Rama. Or from Lakshmi Mata to Lord Ganesha . I almost repeatedly done this ritual for more than three years . I never encounter a God or Devi stand by me .What does it means. Does Is it mean There is no GOD? I leave this to you .It is a big debate..

When I say life is your full time business. I mean it. You need to careful select or reject your course of action in line with what you want from the Life .Life is not knowing others or solving the mysteries of world life is about knowing you . Your time span in the earth is too short . You can’t learn all But you can observe and share with others. Life is worth sharing .Life worth passing the acquired knowledge from our generation to other. Our life has a moral responsibility of living and to create a continuous link in the chain of evolution of mankind. Life is awakening the real which hiding inside you .Life is Knowing about our strengths .Life is Knowing about our weaknesses. Life is always on move .we keep on changing our targets. Life is a moving target. I will share my insight on life on separate blog.

Life is a fulltime business. How you earn in a business? You invest then you reap the profits. Part of profits you again put in business part of it you invest some part of it you cover family or living expenses. In your life you earn by investing your time You learn by your patience through sharing, acquiring, rejecting testing, arguing or by senses.

Good investments gave you good profit and badinvestments are detrimental to business. Likewise good habit gave you positive outcome increase you happy moments, whereasbad habitshorten your life or cause the loss of time and resources. I had made some bad investments in past like smoking drinking. I am happy that I had quitted now because I had got wonderful colleagues .

Thy Governors :Part 3:Why they Govern us ?

We are human beings and as we need for the growth of the body we also need thoughts for the development of the brain. That’s the reason our ancestors has formulated the methodology to train the brain. In older days there were Gurukuls (schools)and Asharams (learning center for study and meditation)and now in modern days the government or public aided or private schools . AA SHRAM (AA come SHRAM -work) means come lets do some hard work. Gurus said do hard work for the self and I will guide you to change your life  in to  more meaningful and enlightened dimensions. I will teach you meaning and way of living life. They were doing that sincerely and religiously .

Now the question arises why are the governors govern us .How they got benefited from governing us .When you buy a newspaper it cost around 2 to 5 rupees .As a informed citizen and a member of the elite society we proud to read the newspapers . Do you think that covers the cost of printing transporting and distributing? You are paying 200 to 500 Rupees for the cable network monthly .They are showing you from every nook and corner of the universe the glimpse of universe they make you to see .even almost all the religious places of the world .They enlightened you on the history polity current events technological fronts ,media  teach you how to cook ,how have makeup .

They govern us to market their products. They govern us to inject the values and believe. They govern us to motivate to dance to their tunes. They persuade us to purchase the products by governing our thoughts. We think that we have make our own decisions but in reality they are behind us .They made us to act like puppets attached to their strings. They govern us to make our moves according to them. They govern us to spend our mental capabilities our hard earned money and time in the way they wanted us to spend . They govern our body our mind our actions.

Thy Governors :Part 2: Who are our governors ?

 Who are they? Governor can be print and digital media including newspapers internet .Governor can be a politician .Governor can be  modern-day spiritual leaders or preachers .Governor can be your neighbours, friends ,teachers ,parents and society . I call them governors.

Governors are too smart and fitted million horsepower engine in their bicycle of thoughts. They govern us they motivate us to copy them by their key positions in social structure and their abilities to force us to do the things we don’t want to do .It does not happen accidentally .Its being made for you. They use It they design it scientifically they check it .They review iit.They made the things visible to us according to them. And we see the things in their prospective. They influence our daily lives ,our space of political views , our moral and social and ethical thinking we are dominated by invisible forces who control our mind body and soul.

Why these forces influence us and force us what to buy ? Where to study ? What to study? Which medicine you should take ? Which car to buy ? Where should buy ? Which movie should you watch? What cloths you wear? We accept the evidences and views provided by the media people and peak groups.

We are social animals we learn by others .We take most of our decision based on biased ors based on someone’s recommendation and It seems to me that many of us are afraid that the moment we accept ourselves as we are and took decision by our own , we will never move forward in our lives. That is what our minds often tell us and they tend to offer the worst-case rather than the best-case scenario.

Life was never linear and it won’t be either. It is always hard to take your decisions. Something inside you doesn’t want this, is putting up resistance and ignoring how you feel. You need to talk to you .Hey buddy let’s give try. Get up, move on, decide and don’t complain. Than Make your effort to prove your decision was good.

I strongly believe that ultimate goal of personal growth is THE self-acceptance so I keep working on my challenges. And the more I work on it, the more experience i get that if I do accept myself and my decisions .

Thy Governors : Part 1: What are Governors?

A governor is, in most cases, an individual public official with the power to govern the executive branch of a non-sovereign or sub-national level of government, ranking under the head of state. In federations, governor may be the title of the politician who governs a constituent state and may be either appointed or elected. The power of the individual governor can vary dramatically between political systems, with some governors having only nominal, largely ceremonial power, while others have complete power over the entire government.

In mechanical terms governor, or speed limiter, is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine, such as an engine. A classic example is the centrifugal governor, also known as the Watt or fly-ball governor, which uses weights mounted on spring-loaded arms to determine how fast a shaft is spinning, and then uses proportional control to regulate the shaft speed.

Control theory is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and mathematics that deals with the behaviour of dynamical systems with inputs. The external input of a system is called the reference. When one or more output variables of a system need to follow a certain reference over time, a controller manipulates the inputs to a system to obtain the desired effect on the output of the system.

We humans are selfish beings, usually we all take that option or select that commodity which gave us the maximum benefit .We made decisions based on comparison study in other terms on the theory of relativity .We select that commodity service or things which will give us the greatest benefit to our needs or wants. But while making the choice we use certain reference which we have learnt over time .Our decision depend largely on our values perceptions that we acquired from family, friends, print and digital media, internet ,parents, colleagues, pear groups or learning . These are our real agents who make our decisions in our unconscious mind. They are omnipresent and are with us all the time. Although they don’t have any mass weight shape or visible features  yet they are the real forces behind our decisions. Those influencers which act as our controller for our decisions and actions I called them Governors

A good example of control theory would be that people go to work. Most people do not want to go to work, but they do, because they get paid, to obtain food, water, shelter, and clothing. The people that do not have a job or income will commit deviant acts in order to get what they need to survive. But under the influence of powerful governors and their propaganda we are not getting optimally rewarded to satisfy our aims and objective of the life and make our life at the disposal of the others .

Society continuously changing itself . Everything was always on the move and will remain on move .You can’t jump in the same river twice.

Is Distraction is needed for Focus?

Distraction and focus both are contradictory things .How is it possible to have both side by side ? Distraction gives you flavour. You can’t have focus all the time, we are not machines. Many of us has experiences we often get distracted from others things .It is not wrong if you lose sometime your focus for time. You mind need Rest. You can’t continually awake and do work .Be practical .As a human we have different kind of needs.

We always told that we need focus to do the things .But like friction is necessary evil .Distraction is also vital for you brain development. World is not perfect place to live for the imperfects. Still we all imperfect creation of God living on this beautiful earth. What is your significance and meaning of your life .Each thing on this earth has some meaning and significance. We are not the only inhabitants of the earth. We share this planet with Plants, animalbirds’ sea inhabitants,. You have a little  or no control on the things . I have seen various movies where a Heroes use a distraction, often in order to infiltrate the enemies’ lair or escaping from the enemies.

I have couple of friends ,even my daughter study mathematic better , if they is listen to their  favourite music they concentrate on other activities ..Life became boring if you are doing monotonous jobs.  At the same time too much distraction is not required.We have to understand how much distraction we need . It is us who decide what are our distractions and what is the level of distractions . We often get the advices ,You need Focus for study .. You need focus for game… you need focus for career…. One have to understand if one is focusing on multiple things. How he can focus on a single thing. What is Focus? Is focus a concentration? Is focus only a concept? What is this elephant called FOCUS.

It is a Cognitive process of attention to details with problem solving attitude with memory over a period of time . Limited distraction is boon for sustained results.

According to me F O C U S is “ Follow One Course Until Successful “. It is repeated act of doing the things and getting mastering on a thing . Focus is achieved by constant repetition of preforming same and same thing or act over a period time . Focus is always result oriented .You have set of desired outcome with you . If you get the desired results than you said I had focused.

Few words about my Wonderful Friend Shadow..

Shadows are remarkable things. When I was kid I was making lots of figures with my hand in the light of table lamp like Dear ,Dog ,Fish ,Flying bird and so on.. I love one thing about it ,it Moves with you when you move. Sometimes it become long sometime it becomes short .I used to watch it we I was going for walk. Best thing it remain with you .

When you are sad or laugh or depressed or in anger .It listen to you .it does not utter a single word to you .It never argue with you .When you are in light it remains with you But it disappear there is absence of light . Life is like that nobody will remain forever with you .Even your shadow goes away from you when you are facing dark times .But really it goes out of you .or you are not able to see that in absence of light source.

It is not any financial Burdon, you don’t have feed it ,you don’t have to buy tickets for it . It doesn’t demand any gifts from you , It is your back when you are facing odd hots Its feet attached to your feet. Why, because you are attached to Ground. .Shadows is considered as your other part of personality, It is symbol of your unconsciousness. .You can’t find ego in your shadow. You can’t find anger in it .It remain cool and silent always .It does not worry about where it is falling in mud in water in ditches in fireplace in flowers. On you bed .because it does not have any feeling. You should attached to your dream keepyour self-attached to it despite ,of the weather sometimes you find you lost your dream as you lost your shadow in dark ,You will regain it when you again come in light ,Brighter is the light darker is the shadow .When light sources on your face ,people does not see your face, When light Is informant of your shadows cast on your back .to see your shadow you need to turn back again . It is fun and interesting part .it gave to insight to look in to your dream don’t be too much fascinated by the illumination just attached your to ground, We can’t remain all the time calm, cool and quite as our shadow . We have to speak some time speak a bit loud as well .We cry, we laugh .because we are living

Magic in You Series :10: Your Truly … Yours Sincerely….Yours Faithfully…Y O U

I start learning English in class sixth, I was taught English alphabets at the age 10 ..After I learnt alphabets , we were told how to write small sentence making like “This is John “ ,”That is Marry ” .We also be taught to write small sick leave application after we learn the basic small sentences  , Since then I had write down lots of letters and applications. I was always confused when you have to use “Your truly” or “Yours sincerely” or “Yours faithfully” till yesterday [ Frankly I do not ask this question to teachers or people around me that they may make a fun of me ] .I check one online resourse and find following ,I m sure you know all this but still I am sharing this ;

  • if you don’t know the name of the recipient…you should use Yours faithfully ( British usage) or Yours truly(American usage)
  • When you do know the name of the recipient…you should use Yours sincerely ( British usage) ,Sincerely yours (American usage)

Also, I learnt that only the first word is need to be capitalised.e.g Yours faithfully

Now I just want to ask simple three questions, In your life …

  • Are you true to you?
  • Are you sincere to you?
  • Are you faithful to you?

You don’t have to justify me or god or to anybody else in your life .It is you to whom your are liable to give yourself a brief talk . We were once discussing the topic why people fail ,why people does not learn from mistakes ? Why some persons get the divorces ? Why all the problems exist in personal life . The answer of all those is with in you. You need to be sincere and faithful to you . We all are imperfects including me .But if we do not want change that’s our problem. We are not creating to others we are cheating to others. , Last time when I went India, my wife ask me do you have joy with “OTHERS”. I said no .she say it is open culture , I am not with you .I told her I can’t expect a faith from you .if I am not faithful to you .It does matter you are with me or not .I need to answer myself first .

Same is with your life, Strong character is not build in a day .Every small event in your life contribute towards It. We evolve ourselves in pursuit of that. Quest of being perfect never ends.” Imperfection is always greater that perfection If you see holistic view of the world, Nothing is perfect “ .It depends on what comparator or criteria we are using to measure the perfection . Every perfect thing will become imperfect when we know more about the things. Every imperfect thing has become perfect when make that item or thing to our measuring or selection criteria.

I love to play cricket since I was child, I was never make that as my career, I was not very good at bowling and bating ,But I was good at fielding .[actually I never worked on batting or bowling ].After a long gap I started playing cricket .i practice to bowl fast bowling .I found now I bowl fairy good wicket to wicket bowl .yesterday I played with some Aussie workmates and I took one wicket . Picking that wicket will never be counted anywhere in the history or It may be not a great thing to achieve .but for me it did marvellous job .I feel like I have done something .I now know how to bowl. It gave me confidence again in me I can do the things .I can learn the new things.

To get better in life you have to treat yourself better ,You need to be sincere and true to youself ,

Magic in You Series : 9 : Choose to live in the reality or in a Dream.

We have potential reality and self-owned reality .What we see is the self-owned reality of our brain. Potential reality are the things which exists in the nature but you haven’t explored that yet . It is just like If you are in dark and you have torch in your hand , you will only see the things on which the ray of the light is falling . We spend our full life by taking torch in our hand .We won’t care about what else exist in the world. All of us has experienced in our life when we move torch to the others side we see different things. Earth is continually rotating and revolving around the Sun .Things are changing on each atomic second and so is our reality

So many times we aimed for the things which are beyond our capacity .There is no harm you can aim for anything in your life .Even you can dream for the things which is still not evolved or discovered .To accomplish that for to chase your target you need to redesign yourself again . I have a equation of happiness to share with you that I learnt once I attend a seminar of life coaching. We can expect [E] anything from life .If E is expectation and R is reality .

The condition of happiness is      E = R that is if your expectations is equal to your reality you are in happy metal stage .

If you are having Expectation less than reality [ E < R ]   or Expectation more than reality [ E>R ] both condition leads you in a state of stress and self-pity . If you want to live your dream and attach that to realty .If you are no able to meet the gaol still you can get the happiness. It is solely on you to get access to more realities .No matter what other think about you .You should know why you are doing that .

God has given us wonderful ability to imagine and  make the things and create images in our mind. We create the images in our mind before we see them . Reality can be factual or data base . One person reality may not be the reality of the other man. He is carrying his own torch to see the things in his own prospective

Some philosopher said Dreams are also our reality .We had lots of things in our life which earlier were never exists. But people make them in to reality. You can have you reality .If you believe in that than you can create as well. But is hard .It is hard to achieve .There will be some moment when you fail. It is not always that all the successful people are happy .The wear the pain .they are lonely .they know how to sacrifice today for tomorrow .They create the things not in second but it took them years .Most of us we only see them on success stage . If you want to live in your dream .You have to separate yourself other from the crowd. You need to define your own values. You should be ready fail and experience the pain . The path of success is not easy Believe me you can you can . You need to work on each day each moment .Your journey to make your dreams to reality is full of road breakers and thorns.

Magic in You Series : 7: Know Your invisible wings for flying….

I as grow in my life I have constant question in my mind. We often travel by road trail or by tracks when we here going from one place to others .We human learn by observing to follow the paths. That someone one else has created .We have faith that road . Roads tracks or trails does not bear any name who has built how it was built, Who has the person to walk through that road .We walk we run we drive on the worlds various routes to reach to destination. But do we ever find a trail in the sky when a bird fly ? It takes its own flight and decides when to fly for food .and when fly for amusement and pleasure. You can’t see the difference between thesetwo most of the time. .

Like every bird is born to fly , we are also have fundamental right to learn and excel . They are born to fly , you are also born to be unique and different . You have various inviable feathers in your wings to success. They are in your disposal once you gave command to your mind .Most of the time we don’t give command to our mind. We can recall courage, determination, firm resolve dedication. It is not only positive qualities that you lead you to your destination .but you need sometime fear ego ,jealously and .People say ego /fear and jealousy are bad things .I found these are one of the main drivers of us.

Compassion, faith and believes are some of the others feathers that constitute a good part of your invisible flying wings. It is good to be kind to others but you should kind to you than to the world. You must have faith and believe in something, It may be your family ,your God , your goals .when you have a faith you rarely have doubt on it .Like You hardly question the God and religion .

Dreams and Goals are just only empty words and just light feather. if are not associated with actions towards them .we need to attached time schedule with our goals .we need to layout the steps and action plan towards the desired outcome.

I am just ordinary person like you. You need to keep your goals simple and straight. I have simple advice, “Do whatever you good at “. Practice that to the best like no one ever done or perform that thing. Success is not a definition or commodity that you can learn or buy from outer world. It lies within you .it lies in the choices you make in your life .it depends on whether to fly or to crawl in the life . It depends upon to create your own path or to Fly on your terms with unlimited boundaries

Magic in You Series :8: yOU can CHANNELISE Your Negative Energy constructively.

I am Bad ,I am Good, I am hero I am zero , We have limited or almost no control on the world around us But we can control of the feedback what we received from the outer world or from the other people . I often been told this world is a big well .when you speak to it .You will get the same echo back to you .But I didn’t find the world in the same way . I found when I laugh people around me laugh and happy but when I cry I found I am all alone, sometime the nights are so lonely quite ,dark and cold .

We all observe and learn though our senses. In our Hindu mythology we have a God Named as “ARDHNARISHWAR” ,It is God who is having half body of women and half of man. .We also have one incarnation of Lord Vishnoo “NARSIMA”,This incarnation has face of lion and body of man..We also have many faces ,we keeps on changing our face masks as per our different roles. Likewise in our personal life we have lots of positive and negative emotions within us .Some of the negative emotions are anger ,hatred , jealousy ,disgust ,sorrow ,grief, frustration ,lazy, moody, self pity etc..

We all learn the basic concept of mathematic of modulus in our early classes

i.e if you put –X in |-X|it results you = X that is Modulus of any number whether number is positive or negative. The result is positive number. When you multiple -1 wih a negative number it gave you positive number .. What that’s mean? Does it means we can put the emotions in to modulus and convert that to positive .Is that possible ? For philosophically reason you can do that but in real life ,The truth is there is no universal principle or turbine which can convert your negative energy in to positive energy .Only way to get over it is to feel it, because you are human. If you are angry jealous, sad ,feeling hatred ,lazy or frustrated , you need to thank the good that you are still alive you haven’t died yet .

Most of the negative emotions are secondary emotions. When I say negative emptions, it mean they are controllable .These can be avoided but complete elimination is only possible when you are in grave. Secondary emotions are created by some trigger events.

But you need to understand that Negative feeling can be constructive or it can be destructive. In spite of people practicing Yoga and meditation I had seen 99% fail , when the secondary feeling reach to their head . if someone he saying he can control the negative energy as per me he is laying . tell to control the rhythm of your breathing and so is to delay the process of getting the negative emotion in to your head

When we experience someof the feeling our mind release different kind of enzymes in our mind, wish results in physiologicalchanges. Our behaviour become violent ,our action are does not remained in our control. The solution is you can channelize the energy in to different stream .

  • Don’t be in rush in . Do the things in routine .
  • If it is your ego , just have peep talk with your ego .Give it a name Mr X .Then just say thank you Mr.X.. I am not interested in your suggestion.
  • Separate your work life from personnel life .
  • Do not take much in your plate than your appetite .don’t over burden yourself.
  • Permit yourself to be human ,let some time emotions runs on you .if you want to cry ,go any cry , if you are angry go to gym and exercise .
  • This one technique was told to me by my father , “Just slowly count for ne to ten .have deep breath ” .
  • When you feel fear , Just give a funny name to your fear ,write that on paper ,crush under your feat . just do that ,just face the fear.
  • You need to understand these are simple words. Words are just simple words.
  • Tell your mind to forgive the other ,Just feel egoless .
  • You need to understand the life is ore important .these conditions will change after sometime .You need to remember Tough things sometimes never lasts but Tough people does

Magic in You Series :6: Power to Differentiate between investment and liability.

I decided to sell my car and motorcycle when I came to Australia. I had made decision to buy a property in 2009. I did manage to get bank loan to purchase the property. After that I make some change in that property. But I didn’t put on rent for 5 years. I was worries if I give that to someone it will damage my property .There are lots of property frauds are coming in news  My colleagues  often offered unsolicited advice to me ,’Your tenants will occupy your house”. I heard and read lots of bad stories of property  dispute  .Because now I am putting my family to other town. it take around 5 hours to reach .My property was in Ludhiana . But in sept2014 .I told to one of my friend who lives in the same locality to put that on rent . I have given him my bank details so that my tenets can transfer the rent to my account. I was regular in making   banks repayment of installments. It just want it  to became a asset from liability so I gave this home on rent  .By deciding and taking this action I converted this liability to my  .Now it start giving me income.

Most of us purchase lots of stuff .We are proud to possess that . We think Car is an asset .Is that really your asset? You need to do regular maintenance, you need to pay registration regularly .You need to pay regular roadworthiness.[ In India you have to pay only once lumps ump road tax. ]. How often you usethat . We Build houses and we are happy that it costafter 10 year become triple .but how many of us sell the house in which we are living, and move to new place. .Not many, only a few. A house is asset if it gave you some earning .Otherwise it is just a liability,

When we talk about asset .first things which come in your mind are property ,shares , insurance policies , Pensions,. What is asset ? Asset is something which is constantly appraise e the faire market price . But we need to understand the concept of asset value is only get when

What is the best Investment and asset you possess? We actually see the balance sheets and personal financial statements toascertain the net worth . As per Robert Kiyosaki. [author of rich dad and poor dad ] an asset is something, which put money in your pocket .according to him there are four kind of assets property (only if it is rental ) ,paper [stocks ,mutual funds, bonds ],Business& Commodity [Gold, silver ,natural resources ]

According to me best asset is your life and best investment is the investment in you. Net worth is the habits and intellect you possess. It is established fact through various psychological analysis .and FMRI experiments .the people who has more active left brain are more successful more happy and are able to achieve maximum in their life . In India we have a proverb whichgo like this

Don’t save money for your child if you child is bad ,he will spoil all of your savings ,                                        

Don’t save money for your child if you child is Good ,he will earn his own living .

Even a small idea can bring you fortune. We talk about selling the things Alex Tew had created a single webpage he has sold every pixel of it .i.e each dot on it’s webpage dollar-per-pixel advertising page raised over a million dollars in just a few months.

Now Liability are the things in your life are those which takes out money from your pocket and does not repay you any things .Like outing then=money in black hole unless those utilized properly , TV ,Mobile ,Vocation Trip …… and many more .According to me your most worst liability is your bad habits .it takes your time ,money and resources .

For anything you start you need KIT . KIT is Knowledge, Investment and time. if You lost everything you still has brain with you .If you have knowledge you can capture your lost kingdom again. You need to invest in you . You need to understand at very early age what you want from your life and you need to work for it .it is my experience that yourparents ,your brothers , relative and friends are all important .But at later stage of life they are only visitors in your life .You need to take your own major decision in your life .

We can acquire knowledge by education, by listening by reading, from positive media. Best knowledge is in the academic journals .But sadly only handful people study them.majorlyauthor and his parents or family and the magazine editor are 90% readers of the scholarly article. You need not only money but you need to invest you time to learn and practice the craft . It is you who can convert the craft to skill .if you are intelligent it does not mean that you will succeed in your life . You need to constantly upgrade your knowledge and revisit your basic school .if you really want to make a difference in your life …

Magic in You Series :5: YOU NEED STORIES to be successful in your life

As we grow up we learn trough the stories, stories of people around us or the stories we read or being told by someone to us . That stories make our believes . I remember when I was kid I was found of reading lots of stories from CHANDA MAMA “ “CHAMPAK “ “ SUMAN SAURABH “”NANDAN” .Like all kid I use to read a lot of comics and Pocket books .The stories of animals . Stories of Panchatantra, stories from Hitopedesh ,Arabian nights , Soviet stories from Mir Publications ,Stories from Gita Press and many more . I love to read .My father is great admirer of books. Even on Sundays we went to Vaishnoo Devi temple in Kullu . Temple had a Kids library of religious books and inspirational personalities of the world in Hindi. I love to go there with my friends . It inspire me a lot and give me opportunity to learn .Even when I was in eight class .My father was a regular member of District library he pay the annual fee, But he hardly find time to go to the Library . When I was having summer holidays .i use his card to issue the book fromlibrary . I read my first English small book ,the adventure of Tom sawyer , Pinocchio . Jungle book and many more title. Library was Despite of library was , around 3 KM from my home,at Dhalpur back side of Cultural Art Centre . This place is a ground for the world famous KULLU Dushera Festival . I was used to walk to Dhalpur from Akhara Bazar . Since I was child and had lot of energy, I rarely feel like tired .now ,despite of i grow big still find sometime powerless

I go via Inner Bazar to Sultanpur. Sultan pur having Palace of king of Kullu Called Rupi Place. It is at elevated height then I go from Sultanpur to Sarvari and after crossing the sarvari river from lower dhal put to the Dhalpur . The walkway from my home to Dhalpur was full of ups and downs some time steep slop , sometime steep rise . It is like our life , It had lots of up and down . In our life Sometime we are at peak sometime we are at bottom . I love to walk through the way .during the walk I come across lot of green orchards .and lots of shops . I also able to saw poster of latest Bollywood movies on the Videoparlours. There was only one theatre at that time in Kullu .People used to watch Movies in Small videoparlours. Only a few people has Television and VCR;s .Those who has utilise that for earning . Videoparlourswerevery where most they are in Lower Dhalpur .

Stories build our believes and character .We learn a l lot from the stories movies and media .Everyone of us have an image of ideal Hero in our brain .We want to look like that .We want to talk like that .We want build the attitude like that . We use the image again and again in our mind. We try to copy them .

Media today provide lots of biased information .We have been told the stories of misery ,corruption, violence, murder ,frauds and dirty political stunts .Most of the electronic and print media targeting their ranking and driven by profit .It is only a few channel who like to encourage or promote the positiveness of daily life .Everyday million of honest transactions takes place. Every second many good acts are being performed . But we don’t know about it. But if we have mind sight rather than eye sight we can find the good stories around us .he world is now having multiple channel of information .

You can find the source of inspiration , if you desired to .It is like just the million and million of items available in the market and in mega stores .if we have to purchase the a needle , We can find the store and section in that store .It is on us to decide what we want from world.

It is you who decide what kind of stories you want to listen .if you tuned to news channel you can expect a rock song .If you are Tunned to Cartoon channel .You can’t expects that after sometime great spiritual programme will be telecasted .

If you want to success in your life you need to find your own stories of motivation .It is not possible to have a single story which can motivate to all the people of the world .if that is possible we won’t have many books in the library .We don’t have many religions in the world.

Don’t let others make your believe and choices .Believe in you and know what you want from your life .Search for the stories on inspiration …that suits ,.. to you and … for your dream….. .In the process of that you will find that it will create a different you .it will give a different kind of energy to you . which will help you …to achieve the kind of success you want ……

Magic in You Series : 4 : You should not wait for enough to start …there won’t be enough always.

I want to share small brief of great physics scientist Ernest Rutherford . He was born on 30 August 1891 at Spring Grove in rural Nelson, New Zealand to James Rutherford, a mechanic, and his wife, Martha Thompson, who had been the schoolteacher at Spring Grove. He was fourth in all of 12 siblings.

In 1919 ,When he was working at University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory , a group of US team of scientists visited him .They said ,”they were not impressed by the equipment “.

Rutherford’s emphasis was on Simple ideas and simple apparatus, but powerful, conclusive results. Simple, unpretentious appearances, but striking inferences. In 1997 , element 104 of periodic table was named after him “Rutherfordium “in order to recogainse his contribution to   science.

If he would have been waited for the perfect apparatus to be in place .then he will start experiments . Or if he had waited to have doctorate in his then he start experiments. We have numerous examples in sacristy / need or shortage of resources give birth to innovation . You should not wait for enough…there won’t be enough always.

I would be remained happy with good Government job in India ,But I said to me why can’t be now .When I will earn enough to build my emergency fund . I was paying my home loan since 2009 till 2014 . 60 to 70% of my loan payments were going to cover the bank interest only . The installment was 1/3rd of my of monthly earnings. I was thinking ,”Do I am working for me or for the Bank ?“. My wife was also working .I never asked her to contribute for family expenses .Still she was helping on regular expenses .I had a dream to make that true buried under my heart since ages .i want to make that true as well .I said to me now or never. I won’t wait for the things to be turned to right of in my favor. I decided for go to avail Ex-India leave and fly to Australia to explore the possibilities. I was Permanent resident since 2009 .Only went to Australia once since than with my wife and daughter for short visit in 2010 .After that I live with my family in india .Both of us have Government’s secured jobs .I decided to come to Australia in June 2014 to explore the unknown.

I stay with my ex-colleague of Excise and Taxation, Punjab in Melbourne. After one year now I had achieved the target what I was aimed for. Now I am free from debts I have build emergency fund for my family so that I can explore the field I had dreamt for long.

We all are driven by fear. The most common fear is fear of unknown . We don’t want to be out of our comfort zones . We are afraid of changes. Most of us are addicted to certainly. We don’t want to explore the unknown. People want to explore once they are fully equipped with all the guards on place. If on your body you have full iron armor and body if fully protected by heavy metal in order to protect you from hurt in the game of rugby would you be able to move or play. Believe me ,You won’t .

YOU should not wait for the perfect conditions .You should start taking actions. YOU should start making decisions. You should always try to go to the other side of the unknown, because grass is always growing on the other side. The opportunities are getting bigger and bigger everywhere .Don’t be afraid of failures thus stopping you to take actions. If you won’t take action someone else take….. because Ideas are not only conceived by you … it can come in someone else brain also. The winner is one who executes the idea…

Magic in You Series : 3 : How YOU should make YOUR OWN decision.

In daily life we make lots of decisions .we all are decision makers. But mostly our decisions are of routine type .It start as soon as you wake up in the morning .Like ;

  • What should I do ?
  • I should go for morning walk or gym or to skip?
  • Should i sleep little bit more?
  • I should have bath first or just have coffee first?
  • Do i need to wake up my wife and tell her to make Tiffin for children or i should make ?

But sometime we have to take crucial decision in our life .So before , I am going to tell you ,How we should decide , or what is the process to make good decision ? What factors you should consider to make best decision ?,I would like to ask you a simple question ,What is a decision? You will probably coming up with it .” Making decision is to examine all of  options carefully  and decide which suits to  my situations”

You are right to certain extent , Decision-making is the process of identifying and choosing among finite set of alternatives based on the values and preferences of You .But your decision-making is limited by your information, your available time to make decision and your mind’s ability to process the available information .And comparing you available alternatives with you preconceived knowledge and fact ,which you had learnt over the time since you born .

We all think we are smart enough to make the decision. if that’s the case why people has failures .why people commits suicides if they have taken decision on time. Why 99% of the entrepreneurs fails in first two years of their inception .Why most of people are not satisfied with their jobs their conditions or have problem in their relations . I am married .I do have heated arguments with my spouse .Over the years i learnt a secret methodology .i am going to share with you . When ever you are making any important decision in your life Justs ask these four set of questions from you .Answer them sincerely to you

Why ,I am making decision ? What is the need for this decisions ? Do i understand the situation /problem ?

[This is to identify the problem, it’s cause ,attach your own why to solve the problem. Once you have attached your Bigger WHY, your mind will search for bigger HOW ]

What are the other options and alternatives? What will be the most optimum solution? Is this action is taking me close to my cherished dream?

[Just do it is , is good option ,but it is always better to have calculative risk than blind risk , you can’t make always the best decision ,Take a decision with action and prove it right is the Best case]

What is the worst case scenario? What is going to happen if worst case scenario come to true? How it going to affect me , my family or my situation?


[Dedicate all of your negative energy and passivism to find the worst situation .But i am sure YOU will be at least ALIVE and as long as YOU are alive you can GET UP BACK .you can STAND AGAIN ]

Am, I be able to handle the situation?

[Dedicate all of your positive energy and power thoughts to find the best qualities you possess .List out the similar situation when you had made the decision and prove that true .Ask what are my positive strengths that enable me to comeback after initial loss or failure. ]

Once you decide your course of action don’t turn back. Decide thousand time before taking any action if you want .But when you have taken a step stick to it .if i decided not to smoke stick to it .if i decided for resign and start my own business go and do that, if i decided to move from a relation decide and go ahead. This world is full of mean and nasty persons who only clap their hands, they are only watchers .They only watch the success they never dare to take the risk and take the action. The world has few achievers and the achievers are those who took their decisions and stand by that .