Magic in You Series :13: Live Your Fear …

It is one of the oldest known emotion of mankind. Fear is equally present in animals and humans . Fear made us to evolved to our current stage . It is one of most influential and strong emotion . It help us to fight for survival .It help us to build the new things .It help to utilise the brain to its maximum capacity. It drive human to beat the rest of the world .When we have found any life threat we found our brain and body works like a military unit ready for combat and survival . Throughout our life we come across our life various kind of fears .Some with the passage of time cured by our actions ,some become our phobias, because we don’t take actions. Fear is not always clueless .There is always a reason for being fear. Either that you experience yourself or you observed that . You can deal the fear with the help of medicines and psychological way . But key to kill you fear is within you . You need to face that. It is Ok that once you had experience feeling of fear .But that won’t remain .When you next time you visit your fear most of the time it disappear. The problem lies with u .We fear to face the fear again.

There are two part on right and left brain which are responsive for feelings parts called Amygdala .Our brain release various Hormones which intern regulate the heart rate ,increase blood flow increased level of glucose from energy stores of our body .Fear can be treated via use of glucocorticoid (glucose + cortex + steroid)drugs . (REF :Wikipedia)

Fear can be divide in to two categories

Universal fears :It is common to all like fear of death. No body want to die exceptions to abnormalities or mental disorder in ones’ life . Fear of Death .Fear of survival ,Fear or unknown

Individual fears :Fear of age Fear of being caught Fear of uncertainty or unknown , Fear of Loss. We have certain believes which contribute to our phobias .Fear of religion ,fear of bullies fear of rejection

No matter what is the name of the fear in our mind .Fear is often a persecutor for your actions .It is You who allow it to stay backs in your life.It is on the potential of individual .I can’t kill your fear for  you on your behalf. It is you who has to take a action .Nobody can humiliate you unless you allow them to do so .

I remember once I came home weeping having tears in my eyes to my mother. I told her Mom Lucky taken my marvels .He didn’t won from me .He snatch from me took them and run away .My mom asked me ,”Didn’t you went after him “.I said “No “.She asked me again ,”Why didn’t you went after him “. I told her he is strong and he has big sister .She told me don’t come home with your small things .You should go and get your thing by yourself. I pleaded again to Mom ,”Should I take Pankoo (My elder brother ) with me”.She said ,”No .It is your things you should know how to get that back .” .I fear a lot from Lucky .he is stronger than me .I had seen several time that he flights with fist.   I didn’t went back . Next day when we were playing .Lucky came up .I don’t have marvels to play, and I needed marvels to play, I  snatch Lucky’s plastic bag of marvels.He hit on my face. I got up and throw mud in his eyes. As soon he cover his eyes.I hit him again and again ,again and again .Even her sister who was three years older than me ,Dose not dare to stop me. I was having very thin body. I was not of well built body. I have always wore Topi (cap ).Form that moment some of my friend start calling me Tantyatope.(He was fearless and notable generals in first fight of independence for India in 1857 ).. I never feel so strong From that moment .He never taken my marvel.

Once you decided to give up your everything or fear nothing , I had experienced, there is nobody who can stop you .Covert your Inner Bullies into allies for your growth and expansion. So, I encourage you to let your Doubting Voice be the new fuel for your growth, for a deeper self-acceptance, that will bring more energy and clarity to your purpose work.

When you on a road and some dogs bark at you .believe me when you turn around and see in it’s eyes. It won’t bark back at you .The first step is you have to have believe in you . Most of the fear are created by you and you are only one who can destroy it. Most of the fears are created in our own brain. It is ridiculous sickening thing created by you and it is easy to defeat that once you .See the fear in its eyes and face it.


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