Power in You series :17: Don’t linger you decision just do it …..You have the power to MAKE YOUR DECISION RIGHT

Why you stopped to take any decision. Most of time,I used to think a lot before taking any decision. It is not bad to think hard or to think a lot . But during prolonged thinking and carefully studying the information lots of time get lost and we delay our decision. With the passage of time we try to look in past and we found at the fork of the road and we repent about our decision we made. It is not 100% surety that the outcome of the decision may be as per the expectation. We use to change our expectation and nothing bad in that . We learn with passage of time. we always want to think too much about our past . We plan but we always have some or other excuse to put carefully plan and hang that at high peg on the wall .Likewise so many unfinished tasks and decisions are hanged on the mind .Most common excuse of being indecisiveness is I am Gathering information, I am getting feedbacks ,I am researching the subject .

We all in our life experience this in different activities and situations. We take decision based on our information and knowledge. But in my opinion worrying about taking a bad decision and not taking any action is more detrimental. you need to take an action or just make a decision . Any good decision can be turned in to bad. or any bad decision taken can be converted to good decision . So the initial point is to just do it . Just take a decision. Certain things are in your control. Just control those factors and leave the factors which are beyond your control. It is always better to have a wrong or bad decision than not taking any decision.

In the event of a tough decision when you have to face with a decision. Just evaluate the things in your control and judge assess your ability to face the worst situation due to your decision .Ask questions from your mentors , talk it over your friends and , research and internet provided you have enough time . You will ponder…but when you’re done, make a decision. Things won’t be the same that you were earlier assuming. Results can be good or bad but one thing is sure you won’t regret about your past. It build your ability to be decisive and increase your ability to face the uncertainty.

Our mind has servo mechanism to pull out the maximum energy and it back you up .when you made your decision and it help you to ascertain the best possible solution to fight in the situation when you have survival threat. But every decision or situation can’t be a threat to life .So how to activate your energy to move the things in your favour.

When you take any decision just get the feedback about your steps .if you need to change the plan. You can be redundant or hard or flexible all the time . Every situation is a task .and a task can be achieved by various pathways .we chose the [pathways or steps which suits to our ease . be backed up our decision based on the information in out hand . But when you already take the action.. Information can be changed with the time . We can still get the alternative plans. Although I have learn never have plan B because it is hindrance of plan A . But we must understand the chains mare made to fail to check its strength ion the chain industries.

You need to focus on your positive aspects and strength to make sure that the decision you had took was the best .


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